Dr Tim Baker

The Four Influencing Strategies for Leaders with Dr. Tim Baker

Dr Tim Baker

Dr. Tim Baker, successful author and managing director of WINNERS-at-WORK, that helps managers develop productive workplace cultures joins Enterprise Radio.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with eAustralia, our Australian entrepreneurs & business owners.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Tim Baker discuss the following:

  • You say in The New Influencing Toolkit that it is more important now than ever before for leaders to use influence to get things done. Why has this shift occurred?
  • You go into detail in your new book – The New Influencing Toolkit – with your unique model of influence that describes four influencing strategies. What are they and how do they work?
  • You talk about the Push/Pull styles of influence. What are they and how can leaders use them?
  • It is really interesting that you say that some people like to influence using an emotional approach, while others use a logical approach. How does that work?
  • In The New Influencing Toolkit you give the reader 63 practical tools to use to improve their influence. Can you give the audience a couple of tools that work really well?

Duration: 12:33

Dr. Tim Baker is an International Consultant, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Organisational, Psychologist, Master Trainer, Best Selling Author, Corporate Educator and Post-graduate Lecturer.

Dr. Baker assists managers develop productive workplace cultures.

Apart from being an international consultant, Tim is managing director of WINNERS AT WORK Pty Ltd, executive coach, organisational psychologist, keynote speaker, post-graduate lecturer, gifted facilitator, master trainer, and successful author. He has had a successful track record in organisational change and leadership development for 18 years.

Tim has conducted major consulting assignments in:

• Saudi Arabia
• Finland
• Canada
• Singapore
• India
• Hong Kong
• Taiwan
• Indonesia
• the Philippines
• New Zealand and
• Australia

His clients include small, medium and large multi-national corporations. A small selection of Tim’s clients include:

• Boeing
• Monetary Authority of Singapore
• Singapore Armed Forces
• Unilever
• New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
• Nokia
• Al Safi Foods (Saudi Arabia) and
• Singapore Airlines

Tim’s point of difference is his capacity to blend a rigorous intellectual understanding of organisational behaviour with practical, workable solutions to complex challenges.

He is author of three books:

In a nutshell, Tim has conducted over 2,430 seminars, workshops and keynote addresses to over 45,000 people in 11 countries across 21 industry groups.

The New Influencing Toolkit

Website: www.winnersatwork.com.au

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