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The first sustainable and charitable premium bottled water of its kind

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The first sustainable and charitable premium bottled water of its kind

with Ryan Emmons

Ryan Emmons the CEO and Founder of Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic water, the first sustainable and charitable premium bottled water of its kind joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ryan Emmons discuss the following:

  • How did the Waiākea idea begin and take us through the how the concept evolved into a reality?
  •  Clearly there are hundreds of products on/in this market. How does Waiākea plan to stand out in terms of total brand differ-en-tiation in such a competitive line-up?
  •  Why do you think that there has been no other company that has come out with a product like yours yet?
  • You and your partner will be the youngest entrepreneurs to start a bottled water company in the history of the bottled water industry. Does that pose problems for you?
  • Could it also be an advantage?

Duration: 12:19

Ryan Emmons graduated in 2011 from the USC Marshall School of Business with a B.S. in Business Administration and a concentration in branding and entrepreneurship. He founded Waiākea Investments, LLC in 2008, his freshman year, as a holding company to manage various investments and to create and market the first healthy, charitable, and sustainable bottled water of its kind, Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. He was accepted early as a sophomore into the prestigious Lloyd Greif Entrepreneur Program, and it was here that he honed his Waiākea concept into a fully functional company with the help of co-founder and USC football player Matthew Meyer. He graduated from the program a year early and is currently working on Waiākea Investments, LLC full-time as CEO while also pursuing his Master’s in Communication and Marketing.

Ryan Emmons has also worked for Northern Trust in their global investments division, as well as Colony Capital, and has extensive portfolio analysis, real estate, branding and marketing experience.


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