Scout Addis

The Evolution of the Design Community in the SF Bay Area

Scout Addis

Scout Addis, Managing Director at Mad*Pow Oakland, a design agency focused on improving the experiences people have with technology, organizations and each other joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Scout Addis discuss the following:

  • What is Mad*Pow?
  • Mad*Pow recently opened an office in Oakland. Why did the company feel it needed to open an office out West?
  • There are numerous industries that continue to grow in the San Francisco Bay Area. More design-focused businesses are setting up shop in the region. Why do you think that is case?
  • There is a growing interest in hosting Design Weeks in cities around the country. For example, this year conferences are being held in SF, Boston, Louisville and Philadelphia, among others. Why has there been an explosion in these type of events. Do these events help the local design communities grow?
  • There is a high demand to recruit designers to work for companies that are based in the Bay Area. What are some perks that companies are offering to potential employees? How is Mad*Pow differentiating itself as an ideal place to work?
  • As you are building the Mad*Pow Oakland office, how many employees are you looking to hire this year? What do you look for in potential employees?

Duration: 12:06

Scout brings more than 28 years of experience in numerous industries to Mad*Pow, where he’s now Managing Director of our West Coast operations in Oakland, California.

Scout is always looking for ways to do things better, faster, and easier. That’s what makes him great at finding the best solutions to our clients’ challenges. From Fortune 500 companies to angel-funded startups, his leadership consulting, and designs have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in revenue and cost savings.

Scout’s passion for complex domains is why he’s drawn to healthcare, financial services, and startups. Most recently, Scout was the Director of Design at Practice Fusion, the leader in cloud-based electronic health records, where he manged the company’s “design first” approach to product development. He spearheaded the growth of the design team, which expanded from three to twenty-one designers within a year. Other companies he’s worked with include Barclays Global Investors, Apple, The United Way, ZenDesk and Burning Man.

Scout spends his free time working on his 125-year-old house and helping to improve our political system. Scout also served as an advisor to the Tech and Digital teams for President Obama’s 2012 campaign and Libby Schaaf’s 2014 Oakland mayoral campaign. In a previous life, Scout was a crazy cat lady.



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