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The Essential Things You Should Think About When Choosing a Can Seaming Machine

Posted: February 14, 2020 at 10:48 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Can seaming machines have definitely proven their worth in many industries, from the food and beverage industry to the pharmaceutical industry, and the automotive industry. Canned products are everywhere, and every household is sure to have a variety of canned products which can include everything from canned fruit and vegetables to canned medical supplies, canned beer, paint, skincare and hair care products, and more. But if you are keen on investing in your own can seaming machine for your production and manufacturing facility, you should make sure to invest in the best one for your needs, as there are different kinds out there. Here, then, are the essential things you should think about when choosing a can seaming machine. 

  • Your budget and requirements 

One of your very first and most important considerations is your requirements, of course. When it comes to your requirements, you should think carefully about your demand in terms of production and the kind of materials and the precise product you are planning to package or pack. Another consideration would be the space available in your facility for the actual machine. Your demand in terms of production will determine the automation level you need for the machine. Additionally, different kinds of can seaming machines will be able to handle various kinds of products and materials, so you have to define what you really need. Can seaming machines or seamers, such as the ones from Pneumatic Scale Angelus, will also come in different sizes as well as layouts, and you should think about your facility’s space. Of course, you should also consider your budget, but it is always wise to never compromise on quality – what you save now may cost you more in the long term, after all.

  • The ability to upgrade 

If you are producing small quantities now, you may not be doing so in the future as your business expands. That being said, choose a machine that has the ability to upgrade so it can accommodate your production needs as you grow.

  • Durability and warranty 

You should also think carefully about the durability and warranty of the machine you are choosing, as this will secure your investment and your rights in case the machine breaks down. Durability is important, but so is the warranty as it will provide you with the proper compensation in case you encounter any issue with your can seaming machine. 

  • An emergency switch

Lastly, you should think about safety when it comes to your can seaming machine. Even if the machine comes with safety guards and you are confident about your operators’ abilities and training, accidents can still occur, especially if you are dealing with a large volume. Look for an emergency switch or switches which come with the can seaming machine so you can be assured of the safety of your workers. 

Having the right type of knowledge regarding any kind of machine you are using for your facility is crucial, and it helps guarantee that you are getting the right machine according to your application and requirements. In addition, it makes your production line much more efficient and problem-free as well. 

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