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The Correctness Of The Resume For A Nanny

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In today’s world, the babysitting profession is gaining more and more popularity. The main duties of a nanny are child care, and of course his parents, that is, employers, with particular care in choosing her. Babysitter resume can help you compile a specialized site.

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To make an effective resume, specify in it all your advantages. Parents primarily pay attention to the experience of the nanny, and the more experienced—the better, tell for children what age you took care of, how long you raised children, whether you have recommendations. The next important point is the availability of pedagogical training, knowledge of foreign languages, creative skills, it will indicate that you have special knowledge and parenting skills, through which you will not only observe the child, but also be able to teach him something. Well, also specify your personal qualities, such as accuracy, punctuality, concentration, absence of bad habits.


Parents will definitely pay attention to the educational background of the nanny candidate. Psychological, pedagogical or medical education would be a great advantage. Lately the philological specialties and knowledge of foreign languages are in demand. The educational institution should be specified in full: the name, faculty, specialty, year of graduation. This section of the CV also provides information about all additional educational programs such as: internships; refresher courses; seminars; trainings; webinars. Detailed information about the skills and knowledge acquired will always benefit the job seeker, even if he or she is not sure if taking any courses is directly related to nanny work.

Work Experience

Correctly describing previous work experience means answering the question of what exactly involved caring for a child: cooking, bathing, swaddling, or meeting after school and developmental activities. An example of a description of the duties performed by a nanny-governess: conducting educational games with a child 5 years old; walking, accompanying the child to additional activities; cleaning, washing, ironing, taking care of the child’s closet; hygiene procedures (bathing, massage); drawing, modeling, reading children’s literature; home concerts, learning to play musical instruments (piano and flute); joint sports activities (skating and skiing, swimming in summer). After describing the work experience, you can briefly dwell on your achievements.

What To Write In The Resume Of A Nanny Without Work Experience?

In the absence of work experience, you should talk about the knowledge and skills gained through practical training and internships in college or university. For the novice jobseeker, it is advisable to give examples of activities for which he is ready: developmental classes, foreign language training, medical manipulation. This section can be supplemented with information about younger siblings who have had to be cared for, as well as one-time babysitting assignments.

Nanny’s Professional Skills For A Resume

List your professional skills in detail, not limiting yourself to generic phrases like “caring for an infant.” For different jobs, you should emphasize the necessary skills in a particular area. For example, in the resume nanny-tutor can write: knowledge of the Montessori method and developmental activities at the age of the child; possession of methods of preparation for school, knowledge of the elementary school program, the ability to explain complex concepts clearly; good contact with children of different ages; message skills, first aid skills. Nanny governesses are required to have knowledge of foreign languages, skills in teaching dance and playing musical instruments, and for the nanny-housemaid job resume can be supplemented with the ability to cook, clean, keep track of the child’s closet and grocery shopping. If the jobseeker is willing to consider different jobs, such as nanny-tutor and nanny home maid, then for each of them must be prepared a separate resume.

Additional Information

The information in this section should help the employer answer the question of what kind of work the jobseeker would like to find. You can briefly reiterate important points about the qualifications obtained, talk about having your own children, and pay attention to describing your job preferences. For example, “professional nurse, looking for a job as a babysitter for an infant.” This way, the potential employer will be confident in their choice, and the jobseeker can avoid unnecessary calls. We hope that the nanny resume sample we have compiled has helped you in creating your resume for the job. Go back to the resume examples section.

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