The complete guide to moving with a big family

If you have a big family, you know how big of a responsibility it is. And if you need to move with your large family, things can look pretty impossible. Moving is not an easy process to cope with. And when you have more people involved in it, all the potential problems seem even more unsolvable. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Although moving with a big family will be challenging, you can make it go much smoother than you may think. You just need to set your priorities right. Remember that well being of your family and your belongings are the most important things in the relocation process.

Plan everything

As you probably know already, there’s a lot of planning involved in the perfect move. However, when you add a big family into the picture, things get a little bit more complicated. You’ll need to do all the typical things as are choosing the right moving day, setting the moving budget, and hiring a reliable company, Removals Sydney. But, in addition, you’ll need to do a few other things.

Talk to your family about the moving plan

Inform everyone in the family about your moving plans as soon as you start making them. Talk to them and hear their arguments. Consider them before you make a final decision and list all the pros and cons even if you are moving to Hawaii, there could be major decisions to consider. 

Once the moving is inevitable, make a family meeting and make sure that everyone is up to date with what’s happening. Share all the information that you have, and encourage them to do the same. Remember that it is important for everyone to know why, when, where and how you’re going to relocate. As well as the whole idea of you talking to them is to make moving to a new house less stressful.

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Talk to your family and inform them about your moving plans.

Include the children

If you think relocation is hard on you, put yourself into the position of your children. It much more difficult for them, especially because they don’t really get a vote on this one. This is why you need to be constantly communicating with your kids during the whole process. Answer all of their questions and assure them that they’ll be safe and loved in the new house as well as in the current one.

Make plans with them about decorating their new bedrooms and exploring the new city. Professionals from say that kids accept the move much easier when you explain all the benefits of it to them. Try to spark their adventurous spirit and stay focused on the positives no matter what when talking to them.

Choose the perfect time

Make sure that the time that you choose for your move is convenient to all of your family members. This is especially important when you’re moving with a big family as your schedules may be different. Talk to everyone and find some kind of agreement or consensus.

Although it is possible to move at any time, it’s advisable to find the time that suits everyone when moving with a big family.

Make your moving plan flexible but detailed

It’s crucial for the success of your relocation to plan ahead. On the other hand, when it’s a big family move in question, flexibility is even more important. Because of this expect your moving plan to be changed quite a few times. Just be sure to leave enough room for changes to happen. This way you’ll be able to sustain the control over the whole moving shenanigans. Check out these planning tips and use them for your move.

The organization is the key when moving with a big family

We can’t stress this enough. If you want to make this move a breeze, you need to organize well. Make a relocation checklist and follow it. Also, be sure to make a moving inventory. Write down on the piece of paper everything that you need to pack. With that information, find the best movers for your purposes. Try to hire them as soon as you can as this may result in some benefits and ultimately lower costs.

When it comes to packing, considering that you have a big family, this shouldn’t really be a problem. However, it’s good to remember that things like heavy furniture should be handled by professionals. The last thing you want on your moving day is to hurt yourself.

Give responsibility to every person in the family and make sure that they understand them. They need to know what should they do, when should they do it, as well as how should they do it. The easiest way to assign everyone with a role is to go through your moving list and think about who can help with what. This way all the spots will soon be covered.

Turn the process into a game

Sometimes, kids can get annoyed by all the fuss and that leads to problems. The best way to avoid this is to turn the move into a game. It can help you too to relax a bit and take your mind off the problems.

  • Make the children in charge of finding all the out of season things around the house. This way you’ll pack them much quicker so you’ll lose less time.
  • You can always give a large moving box to every child and make them race to see who can be the fastest in packing their own toys, books, or clothes.
  • After everything is packed you can send your kids to go around the house and check if something was left behind unintentionally.

There are a million games that you can make and all of them will help you with all of those laborious tasks.

Invent a game in which your children will actually help you with the packing process.

Final tips for moving with a big family

If you have a large family, all the chances are that you have a lot of stuff. As we all know, more stuff means a higher price for the movers. It’s advisable to declutter your home before the move. You may be surprised how much of the stuff you had you actually didn’t need.

Also, it’s always a good idea to organize the essentials bag for your family. This will be a simple briefcase or a backpack in which you will keep all the important documentation, medical information, financial and school records. This is important to do with a regular relocation, not to mention how important it is when you’re moving with a big family.

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