The Benefits of Using Granite as Your Kitchen Worktop

The kitchen area has always been considered the centre and heart of any home. Because of this, many homeowners invest a lot of time and money into making sure that it not only looks aesthetically pleasing and presentable but also remains functional and withstands the test of time. Within this space, one particular element that stands out is the kitchen worktop. With different natural stones available to be used as its surface, such as marble and quartz, why are many people opting for granite as a kitchen worktop material, like the granite worktops London suppliers offer? Here are a few advantages and benefits that granite offers.

Natural beauty and versatile design

Engineered stones like quartz may boast of strength and toughness that remain unmatched by its more organic and natural counterparts, but this is also its biggest downside. Since this manmade material is generated via the mixture of both resin and colouring, it can oftentimes fail to create the look of real stone. The consistently uniform patterns that it has can potentially put off homeowners who are looking for the genuine look and feel of stone.

No such problems exist with granite. Not only does this natural stone exude a remarkable beauty, it can also be supplied in a wide variety of sizes as well as shapes. This makes it easier to match your kitchen worktops to the theme of your choice. Design options will certainly be in ample supply, and it should add your own personal style and touch as well as value to your home.

Ease of maintenance

Because of the relatively smooth kind of finish that usually accompanies granite, it provides ease in keeping it both clean and well maintained. Any spills or stains become a non-issue and won’t be time-consuming to clear up with simple household items. Some companies even provide a near impregnable type of sealer that adds an extra layer of both stain and scratch protection, keeping the worktop looking as good as when it was first installed in your home. For details on vacuum sealers, they can be found on

Unparalleled durability

The secret to the longevity of a worktop lies in its durability. Out of all of the natural stone materials utilised for worktop surfaces, none are as strong or as dense as granite. It can be extremely resistant to different kinds of potential damage like scratches or heat, and also boasts beauty to match.

At the end of the day, choosing the right material as the surface of your kitchen worktop all boils down to personal preference. Marble and quartz are certainly viable options, with the latter being particularly strong. However, for those who desire balance in design and durability, and being all-natural, you can’t go wrong with granite. It may have its own fair share of flaws, but the advantages it yields make up for all of these and should not be ignored by any homeowner looking to add value to their home.


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