The Battle of the Jim’s and other NCAA Basketball Action

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Although the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic canceled March Madness in 2020, basketball will be back and thanks to sites offering some of the best NCAA Basketball Odds the new season should provide sports betters more excitement than ever. 

One of the best aspects of college basketball for the bettor is how many different games there are to choose from and how many ways there are to bet on college hoops.

Betting on pro sports is more restrictive. Each pro league has roughly 30-32 teams and that limits the number of games being played. But NCAA basketball has hundreds of teams in conferences both large and small throughout the country. So if you know can bet on typical powerhouse teams like Duke, Michigan State or UCLA, or you can focus on one of the smaller conferences that also play competitive basketball but may not get as much attention from the national media. 

You can also bet on some of the great coaches across the country who win consistently year after year. Whether you like Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Boeheim, Jim Calhoun or Bob Huggins, there are plenty of all-time great coaches who have winning programs that draw fans and bettors alike to their teams.

You can also bet on great women’s college programs like Connecticut, Tennessee, Baylor or Notre Dame, or try to pick an underdog who you feel has a chance to surprise people. 

Either way, the only limit to how much you can win is your knowledge of the game and your insight into who will win and by how many points.

There are also different types of bets you can place on college basketball games. You can choose who you think will win the game outright and bet with the odds provided. Or, you can bet with a point spread which means that the team you pick has to win by at least a specific number of points for you to win the bet or to lose by less than the point spread if you bet on the underdog. 

You can also place future bets which are long term wagers or bet on the total points a team is going to score during any game of you choose.

Regardless of what kind of wager you choose to make, betting on college basketball makes the games even more thrilling and exciting to watch. 

While the college basketball season is still a few months away, you can place futures bets now and start to prepare yourself for the upcoming season which promises to be a special one for teams across the country. Fans and bettors alike are hungering for the return of the college game they love so much and March Madness should be even more special in 2021 after a year without a tournament. 

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