Telematics, Fleet Management and the Grey Fleet Movement

Malcolm Noyle

Malcolm Noyle the Australian Territory Sales Manager of Austracker GPS joins Enterprise Radio. Malcolm has been a pioneer in leveraging telematics and fleet data to adapt the foundation of how, why and even where businesses are using their fleet vehicles.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Malcolm Noyle discuss the following:

  • The telematics and fleet management industry obviously touches a lot of different industries. Is there a common challenge that everyone faces?
  • What is it and why should Fleet Managers be looking at it?
  • So as a Fleet Manager, how do you manage the safety of drivers and manage vehicles within a Grey Fleet?
  • How about staff, are they generally happy to be tracked or is there that worry that maybe their boss just wants to spy on them?
  • What does the future look like for telematics – what’s next in this space?

Austracker provides GPS and tracking solutions to the field service, insurance and logistics industries. They connect businesses with meaningful fleet insights to optimise their fleet operations, reduce costs and improve the OH&S impacts for drivers and employers.



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