Tech Innovation in the Online Casino World

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The online casino industry just isn’t what it used to be, and we have technology to thank for that. Thanks to continued innovation in tech, a massive revolution has taken place in the industry over the years, completely transforming the way individuals bet online. As a result, the online casino industry is booming and it is apparent that no slowing down will be occurring anytime soon.

Today’s customer gaming experience has been seriously enhanced by the continuous technological advancements taking place. This continuous expansion helps to attract new players by offering them ready access, enhanced gaming options, improved casino services and more. 

Owing to these technological changes, the thrill that was once associated only with land-based casinos can now be experienced right in the comfort of one’s house. Hugely, these innovations have brought some level of simplicity that was initially missing in the traditional casino experience. As a result, newbies and experienced gamblers alike can now participate with ease. Online Casino Philippines or are good examples of being innovative, do check it out.

So which emerging technologies are helping to shape the future of the online casino world for the better? Here are some of the biggest innovations in online gambling today:

Advanced mobile gaming

In the last few years, mobile gaming revenues have not only surpassed brick and mortar revenues, but they have also exceeded revenues created by console and PC gaming. This increase in revenue is attributed primarily to mobile casino games. Because almost everyone today has access to a smartphone, gamblers have an increased thirst for gaming on the go.

As a result, brick and mortar casinos are now transferring the majority of their operations to mobile platforms. And with the anticipated development of innovations such as esports, mobile gaming will continue to take root in society. The mobile apps created for use by casinos are just as seamless and efficient as gaming on the casino floor itself. Once you download these apps, you are essentially walking around with a casino in your bag or pockets.

Plus with fast payouts, impressive bonuses and quality customer service, individuals are quickly preferring mobile gaming over all else. It is because of the increased interest in mobile gaming that tech giants such as Verizon are forming partnerships with various sports betting establishments to get the slice of the action in the burgeoning online gambling world. 

The use of virtual reality

Though mobile gaming is the most convenient way to gamble in the go, tapping your phone screen can start to feel a little boring and lackluster after a while. But virtual reality is helping to change all that. With a pair of high-quality virtual reality goggles, you will find yourself transported to a virtual casino complete with everything that you like in your local brick and mortar casino.

Virtual Reality has been embraced by developers within the casino industry which has paved the way for the development of new generation virtual reality casinos. Classic casino games such as craps, poker, blackjack, Punto Banco and baccarat are already available in VR casinos, giving customers a taste of what they have been missing from the online experience. Once augmented reality becomes fully integrated in the near future, VR online casinos are slated to be the future of online gambling.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain

If you have been keeping up with technological innovations introduced in the past decade, then you must have encountered the term Cryptocurrency. When online casinos first became popular, they were dealing with huge issues of security of monetary transactions. At the time, banking transactions at online casinos could only be processed by third parties, which was not only costly but it would also take days for players to receive their payouts.

Cryptocurrencies have stepped in to change all that. Bitcoin, which is perhaps the most popular of all cryptocurrencies has altered the way online transactions are done. As bitcoin has continued to gain fame, it has paved the way for other digital currencies to emerge such as Primecoin and Dogecoin.

Today, Bitcoin-specific online casinos are continuing to emerge to cater to those that would prefer to fund their gambling accounts using Cryptocurrency. Based on the cryptic nature of these Cryptocurrencies, casino owners can now worry less about possible hacking incidents. The gamblers, on the other hand, can enjoy cheaper withdrawals that occur in a matter of seconds.

Live dealer games

Part of the reason why gambling is so attractive to some individuals is the atmosphere and the ambiance to be enjoyed in physical casinos. The lights, glamour, the sounds, and of course the human interaction that takes place in casinos are all aspects that help to make the game enjoyable. Realizing that these elements need to be included online as well, establishments now offer live dealer games that give players a realistic feel of a casino floor.

With live dealer games, a human dealer is typically positioned somewhere in a studio. Sophisticated sensors and cameras track this dealer’s movements, which then allow gamblers to interact with the dealer while following the action in real-time. The games are streamed live from actual land-based gambling institutions enabling participants to follow closely.

Most live dealer games even have a live chat feature embedded within that allows players to communicate with dealers to experience the social aspect of gambling. Apart from virtual and augmented reality, live dealer games are about the closest that one can get to completely replicating the brick and mortar casino experience. This ability to fully immerse players in the game is one innovation that has changed the way gamblers today approach online games.

Final thoughts

Technology has made a significant impact on the online casino world and this impact will continue so long as advancements continue to be made. There has never been a better time to try your hand at online gambling as each day, online gambling establishments are emerging with new product offerings and unique games to suit modern gamblers. This industry is dynamic and continuously evolving. As such, it will be interesting to see how much the scene will have changed in the next coming years.

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