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Talking to Phil Lisitza from Two Point on Big Data and Data Conversion in Healthcare

Phil Lisitza
Posted: June 15, 2015 at 7:53 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Phil Lisitza

Phil Lisitza, Founder and President of Two Point, a data conversion company in the healthcare IT space joins Enterprise Radio.

Phil founded the Chicago-based company in 1990 and has been helping pharmacies, practice management groups, and hospitals across the country manage patient and other sensitive data since that time.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Phil Lisitza discuss the following:

  • Two Point has a very niche business where you basically migrate patient data from old systems that are being replaced with new ones at hospitals and pharmacies. Is this something that you always wanted to do? How did Two Point come about?
  • How has this latest trend where companies and organizations now have tons and tons of data—Big Data—affected your business or the data conversion industry in general?
  • What other issues or trends within your healthcare IT industry have direct or indirect impact on regular consumer?
  • How is Two Point addressing those issues in that it relates to consumers—specifically their healthcare or perhaps their private information or both?
  • What advice would you give young entrepreneurs—especially software engineers like yourself—who are looking to get into the data migration space or in any B2B industry? What should be their biggest priority?

Duration: 10:59

A former researcher in cellular physiology but software programmer at heart, Phil Lisitza left graduate school in 1990 to found Two Point Conversions—now Two Point. At that time, his pharmacist father asked Phil if could create a program that would migrate all legacy data from his father’s old computer system to a new one, and Phil put his energy into finding a solution.

With the creation of that data conversion idea, Phil founded Two Point. Alongside the company’s inception, he developed proprietary ETL language and pioneered compliance data archiving and large-scale automated data collection and transformation, most notably with Two Point’s ACERT™ data migration and archiving tool. Phil retains that innovative curiosity to break new boundaries and help customers achieve what others think is impossible.

Two Point


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