Taking a Product to Market with Linda Pond

Taking a Product to Market with Linda Pond

Linda Pond, co-inventor, along with her daughter,  of ‘The FAB Light(TM)’ joins Enterprise Radio to talk about taking a product to market.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Linda Pond discuss the following:

  • How did the idea for your invention come about?
  • What motivated you to take the next steps?
  • How did you find your first customer?
  • Where did the financing come from?
  • What is on your wish list for the future?

Tip: Never spend any money on an invention unless you speak to a customer first!

Duration: 10:35

Linda Pond is an explorer.  Maybe not in the historical sense, but she knows that the adventure is ALWAYS outside her comfort zone.  From medicine, to high tech, to running her own business, to inventing and taking a product to market, Linda is always pushing the limits of discovery.  And is amazed at the wealth that lies there!

In 2005, her daughter Rhonda sparked Linda’s latest journey of adventure with the invention of The FAB Light(TM).  A little LED light that sticks to the inside lid of your camping cooler, (FAB=Find A Beer) it conveniently turns on at the raising of the lid.

Author of the published work: ‘Top Secrets of a Girl Entrepreneur’ Linda has described her FAB adventures, leaving a road map for others with an idea, and don’t know what to do about it.  She has also taken her inventive stories on the road, heading for international exposure as a public speaker.  The FAB Light(TM) is a wonderful story of an entrepreneur thinking outside the box, and is one that should be told.

Links: www.lindaleepond.com

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