Successfully launching a new music project during Covid

Composer Lecco Morris and Lyricist Justin K. Rivers join the eMusician Podcast Show to talk about successfully launching a new album during Covid.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Lecco Morris and Justin K. Rivers discuss the following:

  1. What inspired you to create an album during Covid?
  2. Did the distance between your creative team make it harder to work together?
  3. How did you manage to record 20 musicians during lockdown?
  4. How much did the album reflect the reality of the pandemic?
  5. What do you hope this project accomplishes?

Composer Lecco Morris and Lyricist Justin K. Rivers write songs that blend cinematic imagery with timeless, sophisticated melody. From torch songs to poetic anthems, from wry comedy to devastating heartbreak, their work transcends time and place. Love and loneliness, haunted city evenings, the joy of a summer sunrise, Morris & Rivers explore vibrant stories and colorful places. They take you on journeys and bring you back forever changed.



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