Successful Web Traffic with Evan Britton of ResourceWebs

Successful Web Traffic with Evan Britton of ResourceWebs

ResourceWebs is a network of targeted educational resources.  The goal of the company is to provide free useful and helpful educational content and tools for users to enjoy.  The company then monetizes its traffic via targeted pay per click advertisements.

ResourceWebs has experienced tremendous growth as the companies network of educational sites now receive over 3 million unique visitors monthly.  The company focused on quality and niche content to differentiate itself in a time when others are focused on quantity.  The traffic to the ResourceWebs networks comes organically via direct traffic, referral traffic, and organic search.  In addition, each of the featured ResourceWebs properties utilizes a Facebook and Twitter account to help drive awareness via social media.

The company is located in sunny Santa Monica, California – two blocks from the famous Santa Monica promenade.  Evan Britton, the President of the company, is a long time internet veteran and his passion drives the company ahead.


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