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State of Telecom and Submarine Cable Industry

Posted: May 25, 2016 at 7:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Eric Handa

Eric Handa the Co-Founder and CEO of APTelecom, the leading fiber and telecom consulting organization for the subsea industry, specializing in emerging markets again joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Eric Handa discuss the following:

  • How has 2016 been so far for APTelecom? What have been the key happenings and focus areas so far in the year?
  • What are you seeing from a technology and telecom perspective when it comes to emerging markets so far in 2016?
  • Are there any emerging markets in particular that our listeners should pay close attention to when it comes to technology and telecom?
  • How has the global financial climate impacted the subsea cable space so far in 2016?
  • How have the content players – Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – factored into the submarine cable industry in emerging markets?
  • Are there any particular submarine cable networks that are being built or expected to be built that APTelecom is following closely?
  • Can you talk about APTelecom’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and some of the key activities you’re a part of as an organization?


Eric Handa has built APTelecom into a globally recognized leader in telecom and fiber consulting. Since launching in 2010, Handa has grown APTelecom from a start-up business to an award-winning global organization which has generated over US $195 million in sales for clients. APTelecom has been named the Sales Team of the Year by the Global Customer Sales and Service Awards, Silver Winner in the 10th Annual 2015 Hot Companies, Bronze Winner for the Best in Biz Awards 2015 International, and a Silver Award winner of the 2014 Fastest-Growing Company EMEA by the Best in Biz Awards.

Handa has been instrumental in helping APTelecom achieve scale on a global level. APTelecom’s client reach now covers every continent on the globe, and Handa has made in-country visits in more than 20 countries to support clients across the world. Under Handa’s leadership, APTelecom has also developed a culture of giving back, and established its signature “State of Subsea” series, which is a 501c charity organization whose proceeds are donated to select global non-profit organizations.

Prior to founding APTelecom, Handa worked for AT&T, Tyco Telecommunications, Tata Communications and Bharti Airtel in a number of senior operations, research, and sales assignments. He has covered, lived, and resided in a multitude of primary and emerging markets across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Along with APTelecom Co-Founder and President Sean Bergin, Handa has generated over half a billion dollars in sales for clients throughout his career.

Handa is an expert contributor to’s “Innovation Insights” section, and is regularly quoted by the most prestigious global media outlets in the world on the topic of telecom in emerging markets, including Entrepreneur Radio, Bloomberg BusinessWeek Telecom Review North America, SubTel Forum, CommsDay, and Fierce Telecom.

Handa graduated with honors from Bryant University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and completed the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Executive MBA program in Hong Kong and Chicago at DePaul University. He sits on the board of Bryant University’s Regional Center for Economy and Policy, and was named the University’s 2013 Young Alumni winner for his contributions to the institution. He also attended the executive education program at the University of Chicago as a sponsored executive. Handa is a member of the Asia Society and the US Chamber of Commerce ICT Committee. He is proficient in Mandarin.




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