Starting a Podcast to Promote Yourself

In a time where the attention span of your average attention span is infamously either three seconds or three hours, podcasts have become a preferred medium for many. Not only are podcasts a platform for free speech, long-form conversations, and expert interviews, they are a great way to promote yourself, your enterprise, or your creative endeavors. Podcasting provides a way for you to have interesting conversations and spread your message while keeping yourself in the eyes of your audience. There are a variety of ways to use podcasts for your benefit, here are a few methods to promote yourself and your work.

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Promote Music, Comedy, or Art

Starting a podcast is an effective way to promote yourself and your work. Whether you’re an artist, a musician, or a comedian, podcasting will help spread the word about your other work. You will get to plug in your latest work and promote the work of your guests. With the ability to have interesting conversations about creativity, work ethic, and artistic integrity, the podcast will give you an avenue to show your audience what you’re all about. These days every comedian should have a podcast to promote themselves and tell jokes. But they’re not the only ones. Artists of all kinds can reap the benefits of podcasting.

Spread your Academic Work

If you’re an intellectual, an academic, or a professor, a podcast is a great way for you to spread your findings. If you are doing research on a particular topic, starting a podcast will give you the opportunity to share that work with others. Not only is podcasting a way to spread knowledge, but it will also afford you the ability to look for more interest and funding in what you’re working on. Academic endeavors are never easy to fund these days. Spreading the word through a podcast may help you garner support.

Podcast as a Personal Scrapbook

Since low-level podcasts are relatively easy to produce, an interesting idea that has been popping up is to use the medium as a personal scrapbook. Some people have even documented the process of dementia as both a personal story and a window into the disease. Others have used the medium to share the process of planning an event like a wedding. A podcast can be like save the date cards when a couple wants to announce their wedding day. Whatever personal story or event you’re interested in documenting, podcasts can be a great medium for it.

Promote your Business

If you have a business and want to promote it, a podcast is a unique and effective way to do so. This is especially true if you are involved in a specific or niche field. If you’re involved in tech, podcasts are a fantastic way to get people interested in your products. You can also use it to position yourself as an authority in the industry. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, whether it’s science-based, in technology, or something else entirely, a podcast is a great way to put yourself and your business out there.

Expand your Network

When you host a weekly podcast, you will need guests. As you use up the people in your network, you will be forced to look beyond to others who you don’t know. By interviewing new people and having freeform conversations, your personal and professional network will grow. You may even be asked to go on other podcasts. As time goes on, you will get to know more people who you can collaborate with. It is always a good idea to know more people both in your field and outside of it.

Podcasting is a multi-faceted, versatile medium that can be used for a wide variety of goals. You can promote yourself, your ideas, your business, your art, and other endeavors you may have. It is a platform for free speech, expression, long-form conversation, expert testimonials, and much more. There aren’t many downsides to starting a podcast. It is relatively easy to get started and will offer you advantages of all kinds. Whatever you do and are interested in, podcasting provides many benefits you could be taking advantage of. Time to get started!

Ryan Beitler is a writer, journalist, and podcaster. He has written for Paste Magazine, The Slovenia Times, New Noise Magazine, and much more. 

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