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Caryn Starr-Gates

Caryn Starr-Gates, a freelance promotional copywriter and owner of StarrGates Business Communications, a firm that works with agencies and small businesses in the areas of advertising, marketing and public relations joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Caryn Starr-Gates discuss the following:

  • What exactly is a copywriter? What does a copywriter do?
  • Is copy the same as content?
  • What’s the difference between advertising and public relations?
  • What is the writer’s role in each of these disciplines?
  • How has copywriting changed since you started your career?

Duration: 11:58

Caryn Starr-Gates is a professional freelance copywriter whose career spans more than 30 years. She creates promotional copy for print and online ads, radio and TV spots, marketing materials, newsletter columns, articles, press releases, and website and social media content for her clients and for the advertising and public relations agencies with whom she works. She launched StarrGates Business Communications in 2009.

Her experience includes promoting the launch of CNN; ads, TV and radio spots and new product concepts for a diverse array of packaged goods products (including kids’ cereals, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, dog food), banks, ABC Television and Turner Broadcasting; and writing retail fashion copy for regional and national department stores. In recent years Caryn has written extensively for lifestyle, education, life safety, food service, financial, retail, IT and professional services clients.

In addition to her private clients, Caryn and her copywriting team provide freelance writing services for full-service and digital marketing firms as well as copyediting services.

Caryn is an active member of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, Association of Women in Communications/NJ, NJ Ad Club and NJ Creatives. She volunteers for several non-profit organizations in her community.


Website: www.starrgates.com
Blog: thecopyblock.blogspot.com
Twitter: @StellarCopy
Facebook: facebook.com/StarrGatesBusinessCommunications

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