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Sports and Fans Are Changing with Fantasy Sports

Posted: September 30, 2020 at 7:43 pm / by / comments (0)

In recent times, almost all sporting events are taking place with limited or no audience. Thus, it is being expected that digital engagement platforms, such as fantasy sports, are going to play a significant role in engaging fans.

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In the last few years, Indian sports have seen significant growth. Nevertheless, as a multi-play nation, it has a long way to go. India is a country of over a billion people, and the population mostly loves cricket. But, in the last few years, sports like kabaddi, football, and badminton are gradually making room for themselves in the hearts of game enthusiasts.

In the world game markets, different types of games and in varying degrees of depth and breadth are watched. However, India is yet to reach that scale.

With an increase in the usage of smartphones, it is expected that for the first time, there are various opportunities to make different plays available to the audience easily while making it engaging for all fans. Presently, smartphone users can watch whatever they want, wherever they want, and whenever they want. The introduction of different plays and leagues combined with improved digital infrastructure and new technological innovations are being introduced.

One such innovative tool is online fantasy sports (OFS). It has become highly popular in the last few years. It provides as much fun as playing on the ground. It is just like an online casino where you will be able to have great fun without even visiting the brick-and-mortar casino. On an online gambling site, you will have games to choose from. You are going to be spoilt for choices. Some of these are also available in demo mode, for example twin win free slots, for you to try out for free before investing real money.

At present, there are more than 140 operators running online fantasy sports. More than 90 million Indian fans engage in this platform. Digital fan engagement platforms have turned out to be so popular among the masses that Dream11 is a topmost fantasy sports player. In fact, it is the title sponsor of IPL 2020.

The Growth of Fantasy Sports in India

It might make you wonder why and how fantasy play has grown exponentially in India within such a short time.

Usually, if a game fan has to engage in the tournament or league of a game that they like, they will have to watch it over the TV or go to the stadium. However, with the introduction of social media sites, audiences can now follow their favourite sports, player, or team over the internet. Nevertheless, these are passive ways to engage in sports. It is fantasy plays that let fans participate in the play by creating their own teams and then compete with other fans socially.

As people take part in OFS, they indulge more in sports matches for keeping track of the performance of the team or players they have chosen for their fantasy sports game.

OFS operators usually offer 9 types of games, namely football, cricket, kabaddi, basketball, hockey, rugby, handball, volleyball, and baseball. Although cricket rules this arena, other games are also attracting many users. However, games like handball, volleyball, and baseball have low or no affinity among Indians. However, this arena is engaging people into newer games. Now, many people are engaging in these various games.

The platforms that operate in India are a part of the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports. This is to make sure that the fans can visit a legitimate and safe platform for showing their skill and knowledge for the genre they love. Not only is it entertaining, but also inclusive.

Punjab and Haryana High Court’s landmark judgment in 2017, followed by many other Indian high courts and the Supreme Court have ruled several times that the format of fantasy plays like the one that is offered by Dream11 is actually a game of skill. It is not betting or gambling.

Many studies and research have concluded that it involves predominance of skill. A mathematical study published by IIM Bangalore has proven the predominance of skill in Dream11’s format of things. A similar type of study has been done by Columbia University and MIT. They have also concluded that it is a game of skill. They have said that it doesn’t involve pure luck. These reports will help the present stakeholders understand this segment a little better.

Fantasy Sports and Its Future

The pandemic has affected all primary sports events. Most of them have been cancelled, and others have been postponed to ascertain the safety of the players. However, people still want to watch their favourite tournaments and sports events. Here are esports and fantasy sports that come to save the day.

The OFS has been able to bring some new gaming action in this field by introducing new tournaments and leagues from places that are free from the pandemic scare. Till now, the OFS platforms have hosted more than a thousand matches from across the globe. What’s surprising is more than 5 million users have participated in this.

The games industry is resuming after being on a halt for a long time. As real-time sports are making a return, especially IPL, Indian fans are expecting non-stop action. Fantasy games are going to return with full strength. In the future, more tournaments and events are going to take place, and digital fan engagement platforms are going to play a significant role in this. More and more people will take part in this. With time, different events are going to become popular among people due to these fan engagement platforms.

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