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Software: The Helping Hand of Modern Business

Posted: September 26, 2017 at 4:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Software is the unseen helping hand behind the scenes of modern business. Without the right suite of tools, most businesses wouldn’t function for long. Software automates all the “busy work” aspects of the job, like parsing and storing data or returning results to simple queries, allowing employees to be more productive than ever before.

Customer Service

When a customer calls in with a concern or complaint that needs to be addressed, the company has to issue a work order using automated software to take care of the problem. That order uses a unique identifier to create a session, of sorts, that can be closed when the job is completed. This way, there’s a record of the completed work that can be used for internal audits or externally in dispute resolution.

Internal tools take many forms, and they all enable workers to do their jobs more effectively. Sometimes, tools are proprietary on purpose. For example, some software developers might utilize a database tool built in house to manage data in a specific way.

Warehouse Management

Knowledge of supply chain is crucial in any industry, but none more so than the food industry. Understanding cooling, transit times and costs helps determine everything related to the food we buy at the grocery store.

Any retailer or shipping company uses some kind of warehouse management software to track inventory. Big players are very advanced, using codes to tell workers exactly where something is located within a warehouse. There are many unique methods that help Amazon maintain a competitive edge, and many boil down to excellent warehouse management practices.

HR and Infrastructure

Managing people gets more complicated the larger your organization gets. It’s no longer enough to simply understand the employee’s personal information and basic scheduling requirements. True HR management helps the company grow and scale responsibly.

Understanding the capabilities of your workforce comes down to database management in many cases, but HR software can help in other ways. Some tools give employees the power to manage their own schedules. Others serve to protect employee data from outside intrusion.

HR management also embodies outreach efforts as well. Software that allows for the quick parsing of applicants, or storing of applications, allows managers to review potential job candidates quickly.

Customer Management

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is one of the most important aspects of modern business. This kind of software can command huge investments for certain businesses, and the tools accomplish many important goals. Some are used for lead generation, including the ability to leave notes on potential outreach so it’s easier to coordinate with other departments.

The main goal of custom CRM solutions is to track customer data and provide actionable metrics. Want to know what features your customers utilize most on your website? Whether customers tend to find you via their mobile device or a desktop? All of these questions, and more about your outreach and product development efforts, are all available with the right CRM tools.”

Considerations and Tips

One of the biggest liabilities a business can have these days is storing too much personal information. CRM and HR software suites are generally hosted in the cloud to try and curtail this problem. Hosting databases off site takes liability off of your company, but comes with a price tag.

Remember to test new suites. Don’t overcommit on contracts for untested software. Remain flexible for the best results.

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