Smart nutrition, exercise, and all-natural supplementation is the link

Smart nutrition, exercise, and all-natural supplementation is the link

with Sayan Sarkar

Sayan Sakar creator of InvigorateNOW™, a socially-conscious business aimed at advocating all-natural health and wellness joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Sayan Sarkar discuss the following:

  • I’ve heard a bit about your all-natural weight loss story of over 55 pounds, but could you give the listeners some insight on it?
  • For anyone seeking to get in shape, and especially for those with tough schedules, why and how do you recommend making fitness “inevitable”?
  • How do you make health a priority in life, and specifically how do you find time for healthy eating and exercise in a long, stressful day?
  • What is the difference between acute and chronic inflammation, and why is it so important to reduce the latter?
  • You mention the 3 keys to long-term wellness as smart nutrition, consistent exercise, and anti-inflammatory supplements. Could you elaborate on these points?

Duration: 12:27

Sayan Sarkar’s inspiration for this company developed naturally from his own life experiences. After living his whole life out of shape and generally unhealthy, he found himself 60 pounds overweight in late 2010. He spent his days at a deskbound office job, subsisting on quick junk food and little exercise. He finally realized a drastic, complete lifestyle change was needed, and through extensive research and trial-and-error, found that all-natural was the way to go. That meant no processed foods, no added sugar, no chocolate ‘recovery’ bars, and no chemically-laden, body-damaging ‘miracle’ supplements. With a diet of fresh, anti-inflammatory foods and proteins, combined with exercise and natural supplementation, he lost 45 pounds in 8 months.

This lifestyle change inspired him to spread his joy with others. It all blossomed from a simple thought — how can Sayan “Health Nut” Sarkar combine his 8+ supplement a day plan into one easy, convenient product that let both body and mind thrive? With that, InvigorateNOW™ was born.

A few months down the road, heavy in the company’s R&D process, Sayan recalled the inspiring ‘one for one’ concept popularized by TOMS shoes. He had always esteemed the value of charitable giving, but only now did he realize how plausible it was to simultaneously run a business and give back. Shortly after, in speaking with a friend considering a Masters in Public Health, he learned of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) – conditions that are preventable and treatable, yet still needlessly affect the lives of millions. At the top of this list was trachoma, the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world.

Through conversations with directors of major trachoma control programs, he began to truly understand the widespread burden that trachoma places on people’s lives and livelihoods. With close to 50 million actively infected, nearly 8 million irreversibly blinded by trachoma, and no other social entrepreneurship working for the cause, he knew this was where InvigorateNOW™ would have to begin.

In his eyes, InvigorateNOW™ is a ground-breaking company that will set the standard for what business should be: a platform from which the customer wins and society wins. So, join us, as we set out to Transform the Body, Mind, and World™.


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