Sivoo: Delivering Global Cloud Infrastructure to New Markets

Burhan Fatah, Ph.D., the Chairman and CEO of Sivoo, a company delivering an array of cloud based services for enterprises including video and TV joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Burhan Fatah discuss the following:

  1. Sivoo is a company with a few decades of cloud service business success in over 150 countries, what is your company vision?
  2. You offer content delivery, video streaming and TV content and even AI services. Can you break it down for our audience?
  3. There’s a lot of talk about smart infrastructure, specifically AI, how do you apply intelligence to your customers?
  4. How challenging is it for enterprises to monetize new business opportunities in Asia and Africa? How quickly can you help them ramp up?

Dr. Burhan Fatah, Ph.D., is chairman and chief executive officer of Sivoo. A serial entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Fatah is a visionary with deep expertise in online media & entertainment, social media, mobile/cloud computing, and information technology management. Dr. Fatah is a digital media pioneer who has led Sivoo to become one of the leaders in the Internet television market for multicultural on-demand entertainment.

Among other ventures, Dr. Fatah co-founded a marketplace company for Internet domain name auctions, a digital advertising venture, a blogging company, an online music video portal, and a cloud-based document management company. In his career, Dr. Fatah created the world’s first franchise of Internet café’s, was on the team that developed the world’s first commercially available open e-mail system, and was among the first one hundred users to test the World Wide Web. Dr. Fatah is also a trained scientist who has leveraged analytical and technical acumen into leadership positions within the IT and rich media industries. He has spoken at conferences globally, is a published author of several research papers and has written a book on electronic mail systems.

Dr. Fatah earned his Ph.D. in High Energy Physics From the University of Bucharest.


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