Single Click Fixes to Solve Most of Your MacOS Problems

We all are dependent on our Macs for day to day work. So, the developers make sure that they also keep evolving the system to make it a useful tool for everyday work. But, is it their job to keep it efficient for years for you?

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Well, no- Right!

You must make the system even more useful by freeing up space by performing a cursory find-and-delete for big files, and the ones you just created or downloaded. 

Many third-parties claim to offer quick and the best possible ways to perform several maintenance-related tasks. 

Right, isn’t it?

You might also have come across some of them!

The tricks include clearing up the disk space by removing caches and temporary files to other unwanted logs. Additionally, many tricks are also available that help users eliminate the removed applications’ remnants, fix up the minor issues, keep your disk up-to-date, and much more. 

Even though maintenance is quite useful, it can also harm the device if performed carelessly. It is always better to be attentive and deal with the issues with the utmost care. In this write-up, we will show you what you need to keep in mind before fixing your Mac. 

Let’s get started!

Clearing up Space Is not a Cure For all your Problems

Always remember that your macOS needs room for temporary files, applications, support data, and much more. So, when your disk is full, the performance of your system may deteriorate massively. You will notice your irregular crashes now and then.

 Scary, isn’t it?

Here, a good thumb rule is to keep some free space in your drive accordingly. Always keep an eye on the Space to prevent minor issues. You can click here to know more to avoid such issues hamper your work in the long run. To check your remaining disk space, you must:

  • Open Apple Menu.
  • Click on About Mac
  • Click on Storage

You will see an overview of the Space used by various applications and files. Often users look for applications to clean up the drive space. But, this is the wrong approach to go for. When your drive gets low in terms of Space, you can indeed gain it back with proper cleaning. 

But, hang on! 

Remember that this space gain is temporary as the moment you will run the applications, the system will recreate those files again. 

Keeping the Unwanted Applications at Bay

Never fall for the marketing tactics for the apps to clean your device. Companies may hype certain features of their applications to attract you. But, you should not judge such applications based solely on the highlighted attributes. This is because some of them might be of no use but may occupy a room in your drive. 

Maintenance with a Human Touch

Every utility cleaner application has various options in terms of maintenance by default. Many of us assume that such applications will perform the right task to optimize their Mac and effectively solve them. 

But, you should not trust any of these applications blindly. In case you are new to Mac’s world, start by turning off all the automatic options. However, you can selectively turn on the features according to your requirements.

Also, when in doubt, ask yourself:

  • Does your cleaning application start automatically?
  • Does it come with a setting that allows you to schedule the maintenance accordingly?
  • Can you review the files or the folders before deleting them?
  • Can you exclude the files from the results?

The answers to these questions will further help you to understand the application you are using. The right application will always allow you to give that personal touch to your maintenance. 

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