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Simplifying technology adoption without sacrificing security

Posted: July 25, 2020 at 12:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Peter Ayedun is the CEO of TruGrid, a company created to simplify technology adoption without sacrificing security; it makes enterprises invisible to hackers and makes remote work simple, secure & scalable.

Interview Questions:

1. Since COVID-19, many employees working remotely. What are the implications of this?

For both companies and employees, there are many positive implications for working remotely, and there can be some negative implications as well. 

For companies whose workflow supports it, benefits of remote work include:

  • Time and cost savings due to reduced travel to work
  • Improved productivity due to reduced distractions by other employees
  • Less stress due to reduced commute
  • Opportunity for employers to hire talent regardless of location

If not properly managed, negative implications of remote work can include reduced productivity and data security. Work from home is best suited for organizations with employees that need little supervision or those that have defined work timelines and deliverables. Moreover, companies must be very careful about data security problems that come with remote work. These problems exist whether employees use company-issued laptops or their own. Some of these data security issues include:

  • Data leaks, whereby, employees may be able to copy unauthorized data from company network to home network
  • Ransomware attacks. This can happen when laptops are connected to company network via VPN. In this situation, a malware / ransomware attack can easily cross over to company network from the home network and compromise company data
  • Data loss or theft can occur if company-issued laptops are lost or stolen

2. What are some easy tips/solutions for businesses to follow to help safeguard their employees and their networks?

While enjoying many of the benefits of remote work, businesses can mitigate several of the data security challenges by adhering to some very simple guidelines, as follows:

  • Stop using Remote Access VPN. VPN creates too much trust between remote computers and the office network and malware can easily traverse the connection and compromise company data
  • Businesses must ensure that all logins to company network uses multi-factor authentication. According to Microsoft analysis, this alone can thwart over 99.9% of attacks
  • Businesses must ensure that employees cannot copy company into their home network without authorization.

3. What is TruGrid and who can benefit most from it?

TruGrid is a remote work software that blocks all malware & data leaks between remote users and corporate networks.

Business that need to support work-from-home for employees, and looking for simple-to-install and simple-to-use system that includes multifactor authentication can benefit from TruGrid.

4. What are your predictions on the future of internet safety post COVID-19 and beyond?

Future of internet safety post COVID-19 will remain dangerous because of increasingly dispersed workforce without proper internet security and the financial gains that drive hackers. 

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