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Shopify for e-commerce

Posted: November 1, 2021 at 9:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Shopify is one of the platforms to start an online store.  It is an e-commerce tool efficiently and successfully used by online shop owners. It’s exactly what we’ll cover in this article. 

Choosing a platform for an online store is just one of the success factors for your business. But the significance of this factor could not be underestimated or overlooked. Shopify is one of those e-business solutions that provides everything you need from A to Z to set up your store and start selling your product.

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Shopify for e-commerce

So, let’s take a deeper look at this review hero — Shopify.

Shopify: Built-in Speed and Security for Hosting

One of the challenges of running an online store is that you have serious requirements for your hosting: you need both speed and security if you are going to charge credit cards.

You lose tons of clients with every second of waiting for a download. Most studies show that people are willing to wait no more than 4 seconds for a download, and it is especially true for e-commerce sites. 

At the same time, you must also channel your customers’ credit card information through additional layers of security. Many stores outsource payment processing to third parties (such as PayPal or Google Wallet), but even this connection can get slower if your store is not set up correctly.

All-in-one solution Shopify allows you to transfer this part of the business to professionals and let them worry about hackers, caching, control, and a whole range of hosting-related issues that an online store usually has.

And that’s what Shopify does the best: Shopify websites load super-fast and integrate with payment providers so that you can always get your payments, and customers never wait for a page to load.

Shopify — it is all the features you need

Whether you choose to build your own e-commerce solution or buy a proven all-in-one solution, you will be thinking about getting everything you need for your online store right away and in one package.

You need an easy way to add and remove products; you need the ability to customize the design of your store; and, you definitely need reliable and simple analytics to keep track of everything. Well, Shopify has everything you need to launch an amazing e-commerce website!

Shopify — it is an excellent customer support

Shopify support is one of the main reasons to opt for this e-commerce solution. If you are developing an online store on your own, you have no one to get advice from, only programmers and Internet forums. In the case of Shopify, on the contrary, you get all the answers you need to know quickly. They already have a huge database of frequently asked questions, they have email, chat and phone support.

We have learned from our own experience that when you are focused on managing an online store, it is very important to feel confident that you can always contact someone with any matter.

Shopify — it is a marketing

What good is an online store if it has no visitors? That’s what marketing is for and what really makes Shopify special.

Shopify doesn’t offer any fancy marketing tools as part of the main package, but it includes all the efficient basic features.

For marketing campaigns (such as email newsletters, AdWords, etc.) Shopify allows you to create landing pages quickly and easily, which is a key factor that makes this online solution stand out from other platforms.

In terms of SEO, Shopify creates 100% recognizable, pure code. It is possible to set a custom title and meta descriptions tags, even for collections, in addition to essential tools such as Webmaster Tools, sitemap and duplicate content avoidance.

If you are looking for an all-in-one platform with good marketing for SEO, AdWords, and more, Shopify is your choice. 

Shopify — it is a design

A good web platform offers at least 3 levels of customization: first, it should look great out of the box; second, it should be easily customizable without the help of a professional graphic designer or developer.

WordPress is a great example here. Ready-made sites for online shops on this platform look great out of the box; WordPress has thousands of customizable templates that you can buy and use; they can also be customized by a professional designer to create an outstanding website.

Shopify also allows you to do that thanks to a theme set. There are free themes available in the set. Extra to that, you can choose from a wide variety of custom themes on the market. Plus, Shopify makes its themes in such a way that a designer or developer can customize them to create any type of store — a tiny niche boutique or a megastore.

If you are a beginner, you can start with using a free theme and customize it if necessary, and you will be able to upgrade it in the future. 

Shopify — extras (Shopify App Store)

Shopify comes with a ton of built-in features, but no platform can accommodate all the features that store owners need. Therefore, Shopify took pages from Facebook, Apple, Android and launched the App Store.

Shopify is a platform with all the basic features, and it allows you to develop customized products that seamlessly land on the Shopify platform.

Some of them are free, and some are fee-based. Here is an example: Chimpified App. Not all retailers email newsletters, but many love to do so. MailChimp (a Newsletters Email Marketing Company) has made an app that seamlessly integrates Mailchimp with Shopify. It’s great and absolutely free! 

Once you set it, you don’t have to worry about finding a developer every time you need a new feature — it is most likely available in the App Store and costs a lot less. Shopify has a team of developers working on new apps and bringing new developers in to solve problems.

To conclude: If you need an all-in-one e-commerce solution, and you expect to grow and add products, then Shopify is your choice. Check out a more detailed description of Shopify HERE. And if you have any comments, questions, or experience with Shopify, share in the comments!

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