Shampoo Diaries: Choosing the Best Shampoo for Hair Growth and Thickness

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The shampoo is one of the most sought-after cosmetic products worldwide. Billions of shampoo bottles are sold every year, thanks to all the female consumers who spend much on them. In general, women splurge on shampoo products because they are particular in choosing the best shampoo for their lovely mane. They do not stop testing several shampoo products, not until they hit the bull’s eye and achieve their desired locks.

How do you avoid shelling out cash to assess some shampoo products? The answer: Choose the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening. You need to find the product that’ll give you the best and safest results, without emptying your pockets.

How did the world discover the use of shampoos? Below are some of the human endeavors in dealing with hair growth problems.

Timeline of Hair Growth Remedies

Many hair care advertisements emphasize the inclusion of natural ingredients in shampoo products. However, this “all-natural product” trend has been going on for thousands of years. Since time immemorial, people have looked for ways to boost hair growth. The oldest known hair loss prescription found in Egypt actually includes the use of fat from snakes, hippos and lions. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates the physician has used pigeon droppings to cure his pate. Rome’s Julius Caesar was also a victim of thinning hair. He originally included a mixture of horse-teeth and ground mice in his hair remedy. His failed attempt to cure his receding hairline had pushed him to cover it with his famous laurel wreath. An infusion of lemon juice to “cold India tea” has also become a popular scalp treatment. 

Many ingredients from animal fat content to herbs and spices have made significant contributions to hair treatment’s rich history. Then, in 1814, an Indian named Sake Dean Mahomed presented a particular head massage called champi, which would later bear the word shampooBased on history, early colonial traders who had gone to India learned this massage technique. After learning this skill, they returned to Europe and named this practice as shampooing. Thanks to Mohamed’s published book, the method of shampooing has been introduced to the world. 

Ever since then, men and women have indulged themselves in using shampoos. As the number of hair growth concerns continues to rise, more consumers also demand more shampoo products to address such issues.


Man has been exploring the best hair care products for growing mane. Choosing what shampoo to purchase can depend on: a) your hair growth concerns; and b) your allotted budget. If you think hair growth outweighs expenses, check out some of the best types of hair growth shampoo.

1. Biotin-enriched Shampoo

Clinical studies have found the significant contribution of biotin to hair growth. Research shows that high levels of the androgen dihydrotestosterone or DHT can block the hair follicle receptors in your scalp, causing them to weaken and eventually die. This follicle deterioration can lead to thinning hair and hair loss. The good news is that biotin is a well-known DHT-blocker. Therefore, applying a biotin-enriched shampoo onto your scalp can defend your hair from losing its life. 

2. Sulfate-free Shampoo

Sulfates are commonly found on many hair care products because these surfactants serve as hair cleansing agents. Though sulfates can remove dirt and oil from your scalp, these chemicals can also eliminate your scalp’s natural oils, causing skin irritations. Using a sulfate-free shampoo helps maintain moisture and nutrients within your scalp, essential for thick and healthy hair growth.

3. Fragrance-free Shampoo

Many shampoo manufacturers do not disclose the ingredient information of fragrances. Phthalates, known to prolong the smell of the scent, are actually endocrine-blocking compounds Not only can the product be considered sketchy, but it can pose harmful risks to the consumer. Consider lathering a fragrance-free shampoo to ensure the safety growth of your mane. 

4. Hydrating Shampoo

A hydrating shampoo posits many hair care benefits. First, it mildly cleanses your scalp. Second, it locks in the needed nutrients to balance hair moisture. It will also leave your strands shiny and smooth, making your locks more manageable. 


The search for the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening still continues. Choose the kind of shampoo which best and safely works for your hair concern. 

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