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ServiceRocket, providing training, utilization and support technology and services

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Rob Castaneda, Founder and CEO of ServiceRocket, which provides training, utilization and support technology and services to maximize customer success join Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rob Castaneda discuss the following:
  • What is the state of software training today? Why are companies like ServiceRocket needed?
  • How is this training misalignment impacting businesses?
  • If software changes and updates so frequently, what is the point in investing in training?
  • How does a software entrepreneur know where to start with training? They don’t have the resources to staff up a training department.
  • You started ServiceRocket 13 years ago with nothing more than a great idea and a lot of passion about the right way to do things. What advice do you have for other tech entrepreneurs? What three things do they need to pay attention to?

Duration: 13:26

Rob Castaneda found his passion for technology and training as a 17-year old, working on the Sydney helpdesk of a Silicon Valley software company. Within three years he had worked in various departments of the company, ranging from pre-sales, training, support and research & development.

In 2000, Rob moved to Silicon Valley to work for a startup, and also contributed and co-authored several books and publications related to Enterprise Java. After the 2001 dot-com crash he moved back to Sydney and started his company – CustomWare, which was later re-branded in 2013 to ServiceRocket. Today ServiceRocket has more than 120 employees, with offices in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Palo Alto, London and Santiago.

Rob has been listed three times as one of Australia’s top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years of age, and in 2009 was recognized with an ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award by Ernst & Young. Rob was a director for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards – an annual competition encouraging student entrepreneurs around the world. He represented Australia at the G20 Summit for Youth Entrepreneurship in Toronto 2010. He served as a board member of the Entrepreneurs Organization in Sydney and served as the President of the EO San Francisco chapter in 2011/2012. He is also very active in youth sports, coaching in the local community.

Service Rocket
Twitter: @servicerocket

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