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As every modern business knows, digital marketing strategies are of vast importance and it is vital to know how to utilize them. There are quite a few possible strategies to consider and implement, but not every aspect of digital marketing is right for every business. SEO and social media marketing are some of the most prevalent and universal digital marketing avenues. Here you will learn how to combine these two marketing techniques to get the best possible results. Continue reading to find out how SEO and social media marketing work individually and how they work when combined. These two methods are quite a power couple when used together!

Before diving into combining these two strategies, you first need to understand each one for what it is and how it works. The first technique that you need to understand is SEO. The letters SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization and that is exactly what this methods purpose is. By using SEO you are attempting to better your site’s ratings in search engine results. Using SEO simply means that you have implemented certain criteria on your website and other pages that can be found on the internet that will send signals to search engines that your site or page is worth showing to its users. Every search engine has its own algorithm, which is a complex mathematical formula that determines which content is the best match when a user performs a search.

One of the most prominent considerations, when you are using SEO marketing, is the quality and uniqueness of your site or page. If you are using the same old tired descriptions, keywords, and phrases like every other competing company, you will not rank well in search engine results. If, on the other hand, you are have more details about your products or services, new ideas that other companies are not yet employing, and an abundance of creativity you will score very well in the rankings. Another consideration are reviews; if your website/company has many bad reviews, you will not rank well at all. You need to be able to show that your business and your site are trustworthy. For this you need positive reviews and you need to prominently display all accreditations, awards, and certifications on your site. The more trustworthy your site is, the better your rankings will be. We will talk about the final aspect that needs to be dealt with shortly as that is where SEO and social media marketing start to merge.

Now it is time to learn more about social media marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Snapchat are where people go to share various forms of content with the people that they wish to interact with. The same is true of businesses to a certain extent. Social media gives businesses a place to share compelling content and gives them a chance to connect with their target audiences. To do this, a business will set up a page, group, thread, or, other type of account to begin the connection process. After a place to connect has been created, it is time to begin seeking out that business’ ideal audience. This means that a social media manager will start reaching out to users within there target range and asking for likes, comments, shares, etc. To get all of these things, the social media manager will have to share compelling content that will interest and engage their audience. This content comes in many forms and can be anything from videos and articles to sales and coupons; not to mention everything in between.

You now have an understanding of how both SEO and social media marketing work. Now it is time to explore how they can be used together. To fully understand, the best place to being is the final aspect of utilizing SEO they were mentioned earlier. At this point, you have already established trustworthiness and unique content. It is now time to establish your business and sites authority. To do this, you need to prove how popular your site is and that is is worthwhile to the search engine’s users. To prove your popularity you will need a fan base, this will start with building up a great social media network. You will need to show your target audience, through social media why your product or service is the best, why they should choose you over the competition. You need people to want your product or service.

The next step in combining SEO and social media marketing is to make sure all of your social media sites link to appropriate pages of your website. You also want to make sure that your website links to all of your social media sites. It is vital to your search engine rankings that you have a lot of links. At this point, you want to get other people and businesses to link to your site as well. Consider using your social media presence to enlist product reviewers with review blogs. Every time they review a product or service for you, they will post about it and link back to your site. The more links you have to your site, the higher your ranking will be.

The more people you interact with on your various social media platforms, the more fans you will have. The more fans you have, the more authority your site will have and the more positive reviews you will get. More authority and positive reviews mean higher ratings on search engine rankings. The better your search engine rankings are the more traffic your site will get and that means that you will get more sales. In a continuation of this domino effect, the more sales that you make, the more fans and positive reviews you will have. The series of events start all over again. Hence, why merging these techniques is so effective.

There you have it, all of the pertinent information you will need to successfully utilize these two digital marketing strategies. These two strategies are incredibly effective on their own, but combining the two is like magic. As with any marketing technique, you always have the option of hiring a professional to handle everything for you. Never hesitate to reach out if you do not feel ready or able to handle the process on your own. For all of your SEO needs, take a look at Determined Solutions SEO.

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