Securing Your Network at Home with SimpleWAN

Erik Knight, the Founder and CEO of SimpleWan and a foremost expert in the field of cyber security having over 20 years of experience in securing businesses from cyber hacks and identity theft joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Erik Knight discuss the following:

  1. What is SimpleWAN and give us a brief overview of your background?
  2. You recently released a product called SimpleWAN @Home. Why did you develop this new product?
  3. Do you believe that some companies will make working from home more of a permanent solution even in a post Covid-19 atmosphere and provide a few examples of companies that are trending that way? 
  4. SimpleWAN @ home has numerous benefits for a home office. Can you provide some of those benefits? 
  5. What are some of the concerns we should have while working from home if our network is not secure? 
  6. How difficult is this technology to install if you are not very tech savvy? Would a member of your team have to come and have it installed? 
  7. Is this technology affordable for the average business or individual? 
  8. Why can one not afford to purchase SimpleWAN @ Home?

Erik Knight is the Founder and CEO of SimpleWan. He is a foremost expert in the field of cyber security having over 20 years of experience in securing businesses from cyber hacks and identity theft. Due to his leadership, SimpleWan is now recognized globally, as an affordable defense system for businesses so that IT specialists can track real-time statistics, network health such as temperature, traffic, latency, link connectivity and more, on all of their devices from the dashboard and respond to threats immediately.

Prior to SimpleWan, Knight started COMVOICE, an early to market hosted VoIP company, and also an IT company; both successfully sold and rolled up by other companies. Knight also founded, which is a free background search site. Knight currently has a series of patent pending; all involving development and inventing new technologies.

His specializations and experience include:

  • Oracle DB
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Microsoft
  • Windows/Servers
  • FreeBSD/Centos/Linux/Solaris

With programing experience in over eight computer languages, Knight’s technologies and security experience has been reviewed by and used by fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Knight has been quoted as an industry expert and has appeared on NewsMax’s The Daily Wrap, Enterprise Tech, WSJ Radio, Government Technology, Chase News & Stories, American Express, among several other top tier publications.


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