Save Your Business and Home from Rats: Signs That Indicate Rat Infestation!

Do you hear scratching noises or find small, dark brown droppings? If yes, then your house is under attack from rodents. If you leave the situation unattended, the rat population will increase, leading to a potential rat infestation. 

Usually, rats are most active during the night, so it is easy to spot the signs of a rat infestation than the rat itself. So, if you find any signs on your property, you should act rapidly and get an inspection from a professional rat control Melbourne company. 

Below are some signs indicating that you have a potential rat problem on your property. 

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Signs of Rat Infestation Growth

Certain signs indicate the size of the rat population in your house. If rodents are seen only at night but never during the day, then their population is still under control. You can contain it with traps and bait. 

Once they find a comfortable hideout place in your house, they will breed. The more you wait, the more population will grow. And due to that, you will see an increase in all the signs mentioned above. 

However, if you have any rodents running in your house during the day, fresh droppings or new gnaw marks, then it is likely that the population has peaked; then only professional rat control in Sydney companies can help you with that. 

What Causes Rats to Come into Your House

Various factors lead to rodent infestation. The main reasons why rats are taking a liking to your home are:

  • The more cracks, gaps, and openings your property have, the easier it is for rats to enter your house. For instance, the gaps in the basement, hollow parts of the wall, and cracks in the attic are rodents’ favourite entry points. 
  • Clutter encourages rodents to build their nests. Hence, the more clutter you have in your home, the more places for rodents to make their nest and hide. 
  • One of the biggest reasons behind a rat infestation is water leakage. If there is a passage for rats to come along with lots of clutter to make their nests, then an accessible water source is all they need to prolong their uninvited stay in your house. 
  • Give them food, and the rat hospitality is complete! People make the mistake of leaving food out in the open without realising that it will invite rats and other pests like roaches. Unwashed dishes, messy garbage bins, and pet food attract mice and rats. 

Signs that Indicate a Rat Infestation in Your Home

Hear Scratching Noises

If things bump at night, it means that rats or mice are still active in your house. You can hear them scurrying under the floor, scampering around cabinets, or hiding behind walls and joists. You might even hear a muffled speaking. 

If you hear voices like these, it is better to get rat control in Melbourne before it is too late! 

You See Gnaw Marks

Compared to the droppings, new rat gnaw marks are lighter in colour and turn dark as they age. You might also notice gnawed holes on food packaging or the wall. One way to determine the age is to compare old and new gnaw marks on the same material. 

If the newly found gnaw marks are lighter in colour, then it indicates a continuing rat infestation. It can also indicate whether you have rats or mice. Typically, larger gnaw marks indicate a rat infestation in your house and vice versa. 

There Are Tracks and Runways

If rats are currently active in or around your property, their runaway and tracks are likely to be very distinguishable. You can detect these tracks or runaways by using a flashlight or blacklight. If you hold this light at an angle, you might see smudge marks, footprints, droppings, and urine stains.

If you suspect a particular place where rodents frequently visit, place a very thin layer of flour or baby powder. If rats are active, you can see their trails in the powder.

There Is a Foul Odor

Animals like cats and dogs usually become active and get excited in areas where rodents are present. This is due to the odour of rats’ urine and is most likely to occur when rodents have invaded your property recently. 

If you find your pet pawing at a particular area in which it had previously no interest, then get a flashlight and thoroughly examine the area for rats or mice. You might also detect a foul, stale ammonia smell from hidden areas if there is a large infestation. This indicates an active rodent infestation. 

Now, if a rat is dead and stuck in the wall or a hidden area, you will experience an unforgettable pungent and sour odour. This indicates that you must immediately contact a professional rat control Gold Coast service.

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