San Diego, a good place to invest or start a business

Neal Bloom, the Founder of Fresh Brewed Tech, Chairman of Startup San Diego, and Managing Partner of Rising Tide Partners and again joinsEnterprise Radio.

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Listento hostEric Dye& guestNeal Bloomdiscuss the following:

  1. Remind our listeners on how you first got started in the tech industry and what compelled you to find Fresh Brewed Tech?
  2. What is the mission of Fresh Brewed Tech and what content do you mainly share on the site?
  3. As being one of San Diego 500 influential business leaders, do you feel the San Diego region is still growing technology wise from when we last talked?
  4. In one of your latest articles you noted that San Diego is a good place to invest business in. Can you talk more about that. Why do you believe it is a good place to invest or start a business?
  5. Do you work with other municipalities or how does your work stem beyond San Diego?
  6. What are some pieces of advice do you have for our listeners if they are just starting a business?
  7. For those that are looking to be an angel investor, what are some steps to becoming one or what steps did you take?
  8. What is next for Fresh Brewed Tech? How do you see the site evolving a year from now?
  9. You also interview a lot of interesting businesses on Tacos & Tech. Tell us about a unique entrepreneur you recently interviewed and why you felt they were interesting.
  10. If entrepreneurs want to work with you or be interviewed on the show, where can they go for more information?

Neal Bloomis Founder,Fresh Brewed Tech; Chairman,Startup San Diego; and Managing Partner, Rising Tide Partners.

Through his grassroots effort in multiple organizations, Neal Bloom has helped build an entrepreneur-focused community that helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and succeed in San Diego. Bloom co-founded local nonprofit Startup San Diego and has helped growSan Diego Startup Week, which over the last seven years, has helped inspire thousands of local San Diegans in building confidence in taking the leap to become an entrepreneur. He is an investor and serves as a mentor to countless young entrepreneurs and is actively engaged in growing and promoting San Diego’s thriving tech ecosystem. Bloom is dedicated to the success of the region and because of his tireless tech evangelism, some people have even given him the nickname, “Mr. San Diego.”

Bloom also co-founded San Diego software company Portfolium (acquired in 2019) to help new college grads promote themselves; launched to attract tech talent to the San Diego region; and also created a venture capital podcast (Tacos & Tech), and a newsletter and tech blog (Fresh Brewed Tech) to continue to bring venture capital and businesses to San Diego, elevating the community as a top 10 tech and startup hub. From his success in helping to build the San Diego tech ecosystem, Bloom has also been helping other startup communities around the world adopt aspects of the ecosystem ‘playbook ‘- the elements of how to grow a startup community via capital, talent, mentorship, etc. Previously an aerospace engineer, Bloom helped launch over 80 astronauts during the Space Shuttle program.


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