Running a Cleaning Business: What Types Of Insurance Do You Need

When running a cleaning business, much like any small business, it is important to have the right insurance plans to be protected from various accidents and unfortunate events that can happen on the job. However, a cleaning business does have some unique factors that need to be considered when creating a cleaning business insurance plan, such as the fact that you are working in other people’s homes, you are using specialized equipment, and you are using very hazardous chemicals daily. This article has compiled all the different insurance plans you need to run a cleaning business.

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General Liability Insurance Protects You From Accidents

Accidents happen in the cleaning business, and general liability insurance protects you from paying out of pocket. General liability insurance covers accidents that happen to your customers and their property. For example, it will protect you from slip-and-fall accidents if a customer walks on wet floors or damages the property during the cleaning process.

Some general liability insurance plans can also protect you from defamation, such as someone saying disparaging comments about your company in a public forum.

Commercial Property Insurance Protects Your Equipment

Industrial-grade cleaning equipment can get expensive quickly, and you need insurance to cover the cost if they sustain damage or break entirely. This insurance can protect your power washers, buffers, carpet cleaners, and more expensive equipment from being paid out of pocket when they break due to an accident.

Ideally, you will want to bundle general liability and commercial property insurance to save more money on your monthly expenses. This is typically called a business owner policy and is the backbone of a cleaning business insurance plan.

If You Have a Company Vehicle, You Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Many cleaning companies utilize one or more company vehicles to haul their equipment and advertise their company. Commercial auto insurance protects you from paying out of pocket in case these specialized vehicles are in an accident or damage property. Even if you use a personal vehicle, we recommend having this as part of your cleaning business insurance plan.

Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Your Employees

Most states require business owners to have employee workers’ compensation insurance. It is an essential cleaning business insurance policy, as it protects your employees from having to pay medical bills out of pocket if they suffer a personal injury while on the job.

Bonded Insurance Will Give Your Customers Peace of Mind

Finally, bonded insurance will protect your customers if their poetry gets stolen, misplaced, or destroyed. Most cleaning businesses operate in another person’s home or property, and this cleaning business insurance will help prevent you from paying for these items out of pocket.

The Right Cleaning Business Insurance Will Financially Protect You

With the five insurance plans listed above, you should be financially protected from any accident or unfortunate events on the job. By following this cleaning business insurance plan, you should be able to start your business on the right foot.

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