Alyson Craig and Gail Lavan

ROOM JACKET™ by Inspirational Interior Designs

Alyson Craig and Gail Lavan

Alyson Craig and Gail Lavan, the women behind Inspirational Interior Designs & ROOM JACKET™ join Enterprise Radio. Inspirational Interior Designs is a new concept for design firms. They offer traditional full-service Interior Design, “Design in a Day” services as well as their new ROOM JACKET™.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Alyson Craig and Gail Lavan discuss the following:

  • Alyson and Gail, can you please tell me your background in the workforce?
  • Alyson, how did the both of you meet and what made you want to partner with one another?
  • Gail,what is Inspirational Interior Designs and when did it launch?
  • What was the determining factor in moving forward with the creation of Inspirational Interior Designs?
  • How have you maintained a successful and lucrative business? Did you create a business model or is their one that you follow?
  • What differentiates you from other interior design companies.
  • What advice and or tips can you provide other entrepreneurs who are in pursuit of their dream?

Duration: 9:09

Alyson Craig is the owner of Inspirational Interior Designs, accompanied by her partner and righthand woman Gail Lavan.  They are two creative women with a passion for interior design & their clients. They are both moms: Gail is the amazing juggling artist of 5 beautiful children, while Alyson braves the world of mothering 2 teen-aged girls.

Alyson and Gail pride themselves in being designers that are not out of reach for the average consumer. One of their favorite parts of design is going to a client’s home and seeing the items that the clients love and have collected.  These items are driving factors behind their design and direction. They enjoy a mix of what you as the client bring to the table blended with their own creative twists.

The goal of Inspirational Interior Designs is to be approachable, flexible, and adaptable for the level of service the customer requires. That is why multiple levels of assistance is provided when creating your beautiful space. Inspirational Interior Designs offers traditional full-service Interior Design, “Design in a Day” services as well as their new “ROOM JACKET”™. Room Jacket is an e-design service that allows Inspirational Interior Designs to provide you with a plan as well as the instructions and sources to see it through.

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