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Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit with Joe Nicassio

Posted: October 8, 2012 at 5:41 pm / by / comments (0)

Joe Nicassio, the author of the book Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit joins Enterprise Radio. Mr. Nicassio is also President of, a marketing consultancy. He has helped over 500 business owners, in over 100 industries to get more customers, to pay them more money, more often…the fastest, most cost-effective ways possible.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Joe Nicassio discuss the following:

  • Why did you write this book, Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit?
  • Is the entrepreneurial spirit in America really dead?
  • Where do jobs come from?
  • Where do entrepreneurs come from?
  • You propose a paradigm shift in our culture what is the old paradigm and what do we need to change it to?
  • How does this book relate to the occupy Wall Street movement?
  • Why do foreigners come to America and do better in starting their business then Our own citizens?
  • In your book, you said there is no such thing as unemployment. What do you mean by that?
  • In your book you say that there are two economies can you elaborate on that?

Duration: 19:32

Joe Nicassio is America’s leading “Business Mechanic”.

He has successfully coached hundreds of entrepreneurs get more customers, to pay them more money, more often, the fastest, most cost effective ways possible.

Joe started his career immersed in technology, working for Corporate America, at companies such as Sanyo Electric, and Eastman Kodak. After launching his own technology businesses, he experienced success, followed by major setbacks during the “dot com bubble.”

Joe developed an obsessive quest for the truth of what works in business, so that he would never fail again. After attending a seminar with marketing genius Jay Abraham, Joe bartered his way into more seminars, by transcribing decades of “Marketing Think Tank” recordings for Jay.

Joe Nicassio is a “Phoenix”, transcending cultural “technology worship.” He realized that business is not just about technology, but it’s about people. Technology is merely a means to an end. Joe wrote the business plan and marketing plan that successfully launched the design, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, merchandising, distribution, and initial promotion of a new product, the Pit Stop Portable Urinal System, from concept to fruition.

Joe is trained as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and has had the opportunity and good fortune to personally be mentored by America’s finest marketing practitioners, including Jay Abraham, Michael Levine, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, and many others. Joe has taken all that he has learned from these masters, and combined the best of the best wisdom into his own distinctive style of marketing. Joe’s results-oriented sales copy earned him the distinction of The “Very Best” Copywriter in LA, as named by the Levine Communications Office.

Joe is President of, a marketing consultancy. He is a Past Area Governor for Toastmasters International, and part of the “Marketing Wizards Alliance” Faculty.

To find out more about Joe’s availability for Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Keynote Speaking, Corporate Training or Media Appearances Call 562-961-3976 or email:

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