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Related Garments by Mike and David Appel

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David and Mike Appel

Mike Appel, the Co-Founder of Related Garments, the men’s matching underwear and sock line innovating the industry joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mike Appel discuss the following:

  • What ignited the spark in you to start Related Garments?
  • What sacrifices have you both had to make to be successful?
  • As an entrepreneur what do you think is the biggest element to help you stand out as a brand?
  • How do you define success?
  • What three pieces of advice would you give to college students who want to become entrepreneurs?

Related Garments is David and Mike Appel. Tastemakers. Trendsetters. Brothers. Los Angeles natives, David and Mike founded Related as an outlet for their passion, experience, and constant drive to innovate and influence. David began in the fashion industry over a decade ago: building numerous successful brands, and pioneering collaborations with some of the industry’s biggest names, the go-to designer for Hollywood’s elite, with his designs being worn by celebrities, athletes, and fellow fashion industry insiders. Mike has made a name for himself as well over his career in Los Angeles, as an influential tastemaker and event planner, and owner of a successful marketing and events agency Brand Allies.

Their brand Related Garments has truly changed the underwear and sock game for men, creating a desire for men to want to look good underneath. David & Mike spent years sourcing the best fabrics and most responsible manufacturers in order to get a quality and affordable product to our customers.

Related Garments was built on the belief that too many men are ignoring a quick and effortless way to improve their style: upgrading their underwear. By presenting guys with simple, coordinated, and comfortable options, David and Mike have made it easy to ditch old underwear and put on a more refined set of undergarments. They promote their “Undress To Impress” tagline among their customers, really striving to get their male following to take pride in all elements of their daily wardrobe. RLTD also offer a garment washable bag which is perfect for traveling, washing, and keeping the sets organized.

In 2017, Related collaborated with famed artist, James Goldcrown.  James is notably known around the world for his “Bleeding Hearts” / Love wall murals, frequently seen trending through social media.  They can currently be found in New York, California, Texas, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. Related and Crown chose to bring his signature heart pattern to a women’s limited run collection consisting of a bralette, socks, boy briefs and a thong.

For David and Mike, Related is about much more than just introducing men to a new way of thinking about style, it is a vehicle for raising awareness around some of the biggest health challenges facing men today. This includes working with The Movember Foundation to “change the face of Men’s Health” through combating various cancers such as prostate cancer.

Related Garments is a perfect gift for Father’s day, bachelor parties, and groomsmen gifts. Women love buying the sets for their husbands and boyfriends, and it is also a great gift to give men without feeling embarrassed, due to their sleek packaging and the design of the sets. Related Garments is a simple and stylish solution to a problem most guys don’t want to spend time mulling over. Related makes gifting. Related Garments, undress to impress.

Related Garments is available for purchase at Not only can you purchase a trio, but they offer 5 day, 7 days and 3-day weekend packaged sets as well as a subscription service.

Lastly, they offer customization for an added fee. So should you want a name customized on the underwear, this service is available for bulk order. Sets range in price from $35.00 – $199.00.

Related Garments


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