Refreshing Your Career: 7 Tried and Tested Business Ideas That Require a Commercial Drivers License

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Already have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) but want to get into a different line of work? There are plenty of great business opportunities for CDL drivers. Read on to find out about seven tried-and-tested ideas for starting a new business and getting away from exploitative trucking companies.

Become an Independent Owner/Operator

The most obvious way to start making more money and taking on more responsibility as a driver is to become an independent owner/operator. Anyone with a CDL, a decent rig, and at least a little networking skill should have no trouble finding work. Drivers who are buying their own semi-trucks and trailers for the first time should take out a commercial insurance policy through Feingold Companies before getting started. For independent owner/operators looking to optimize their delivery operations, tools like MyFlexBot are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those working with gig economy platforms such as Amazon Flex.”

Start a Moving Company

The startup costs for moving companies are relatively low and the pay for professional movers is high, which makes this option an especially appealing one. The only thing drivers need to get started is at least one truck, a place to park it, and an extra employee to help with the heavy lifting.

Open a Shuttle Service

Love to drive but sick of driving semis? Why not switch over to a related industry? Drivers with CDLs can purchase affordable passenger vans or even buses and start their own shuttle services.

There are several advantages to taking this route to business ownership. First, passenger vehicles are more affordable than semi-trucks. Second, there’s no need for additional staff to get started. Third, and most importantly, drivers will only be transporting passengers locally, so they’ll be able to head home every night.

Junk Removal

Have both a CDL and a decent truck? Waste hauling and junk removal are both surprisingly lucrative fields. Plus, plenty of businesses and private individuals who just want their piles of junk gone will pay good money to part with valuable items.

Boat Transport

Live near the water and don’t want to drive too far for work? Try offering a boat transportation service to members of local yacht clubs using a flatbed truck.

Tour Operators

Driving a truck can be very isolating, so it’s not a great career for social people. Driving a tour bus, on the other hand, allows drivers to meet new people all the time and to show off their towns’ best attractions. Buying a bus, or even a trolley, and giving tours to the tourists can be incredibly lucrative, especially since a lot of them are happy to leave hefty tips.

Drive Seniors

Experts estimate that by the year 2060 there will be over 98 million seniors living in America. Since most elderly people don’t have drivers licenses, and many of them have mobility impairments that prevent them from taking ordinary public transportation, offering a senior shuttle service can be quite profitable. Purchase a passenger van equipped with a wheelchair lift to get started, and research local taxi companies to find out about their rates.

The Bottom Line

Being sick of dealing with trucking companies doesn’t have to mean that CDL holders need to change fields completely. There are plenty of other options open to CDL holders and starting a new business can be both profitable and satisfying. Choose one from the list above or get even more creative but make sure to invest in commercial vehicle insurance before getting started.

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