Realizing the value of you customer data

John Stewart

John Stewart, Managing Director at SEMA Operations that turns big brands data into increased engagement and revenue joins Enterprise Radio.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with eAustralia, our Australian entrepreneurs & business owners.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest John Stewart discuss the following:

  • Why is customer data so valuable to businesses?
  • We hear a lot about the customer experience, how does this relate back to customer data?
  • What common problems do you find big brands facing in an effort to improve the customer experience?
  • Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, how do brands keep up?
  • What about the brands that aren’t using their customer’s data intelligently? What is your prediction for them?

TIP: You likely have all the customer information you need to create intelligent, insightful communication that demonstrates true customer understanding. It’s purely a matter of tapping into it correctly and putting it to use.

John Stewart became Managing Director of SEMA in June 2012. He brought with him a wealth of experience at CEO level, largely in the management of large private companies and small listed companies. In the past three years, John has driven the strategy of SEMA, ensuring they continue to embrace ever changing communications technology to innovate and meet the challenges of a competitive market place.

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