Real Estate License in WA Online – How to Make the Journey Easy

Obtaining a real estate license is a journey with various steps in every state in the USA. Luckily, most of the services are online, allowing you to enjoy flexibility and convenience. You can obtain your real estate license in WA online on your own by choosing the right path. So, how do you go about this?

This article will highlight all the necessary steps and how to make the journey as easy as possible to acquire a real estate license in WA. Read through to discover more.

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Check Your Eligibility for a Real Estate License in WA Online

Before anything else, you should check if you qualify to apply for the license. The main requirement is to be a citizen of the US or have the relevant permits to practice as a foreigner. You also need to be an adult who is 18 years old or above.

Furthermore, you need to have a high school education or the equivalent. Most applicants are either recent college or university graduates or people who have practiced in other areas of real estate before seeking a broker or salesperson real estate license in WA online.

Complete a 90-Hour Real Estate Course

To obtain your real estate license in WA online, it is good to consider an online school to complete the 90-hour course. The state gives you two years to complete the course, but most platforms will give you six months before the course subscription expires.

Choose a school that offers different packages so that you can select what suits you best. These packages will help you to calculate the real estate license in WA cost as well. If you want a starting point, you could look here to compare various packages offered by one of the approved course providers.

Take the State Exam

The state exam is also one of the most important real estate license in WA requirements that you must satisfy. After completing the 90-hour course, you will have enough knowledge to take this exam. But if you want to succeed, carefully ensure that you take a course with exam preparation materials.

It is a simple entry test with multiple-choice questions that you take online. Also, be ready to pay for the exam. You can repeat this exam if you fail, but this will incur another fee.

Get a Criminal Record Clearance

Another requirement to obtain the real estate license in WA online is to get cleared by law enforcement. It is essential that you have a clean record without any criminal activities. You can also start the process online through an electronic vendor that will charge a fingerprinting service fee.

Submit Your Application for a Real Estate License in WA Online

The application for a real estate license can be made online through the SecureAccess Washington (SAW) portal. You need to upload all the required documents and information. You may also need to answer some questions as asked by the state officials. You will get your WA real estate license faster if you apply and pay online.

Final Words

Technology now makes life easier. As you can see, it is very straightforward to apply for a real estate license in WA online. Follow the steps we’ve outlined above, and you will successfully become a real estate broker or salesperson in Washington.

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