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Jennifer Varner

Jennifer Varner, Founder & CEO of Pure-Ecommerce.com, your key to ecommerce success joins eCommerce Radio. Jennifer is a “mompreneur” and e-commerce expert who helps burgeoning entrepreneurs in the US and Canada create successful retail internet businesses.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jennifer Varner discuss the following:

  • What does Pure-Ecommerce offer?
  • How did you come up with the idea for Pure-Ecommerce.com?
  • Why is it beneficial to own an ecommerce business versus a brick and mortar?
  • What does it mean when you say drop ship ecommerce business?
  • How much time commitment is needed to run an ecommerce business?

Duration: 11:27

Jennifer Varner, Founder & CEO of, Pure-Ecommerce.com, is a “mompreneur” (mom of four) and e-commerce expert who helps burgeoning entrepreneurs create successful retail internet businesses. The turnkey sites available at Pure-Ecommerce cater to busy moms looking for extra income and those who are interested in tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit.

Prior to running Pure-Ecommerce.com, she was the CEO and founder of one of the largest and well-known online maternity clothing companies. Jennifer sold the company six years ago to focus on helping others to achieve their dream of entrepreneurship. After selling her company, she began helping others realize their dreams of owning a business. This year, Pure-Ecommerce.com celebrates its sixth anniversary and has helped over 550 people in the US and Canada start their own e-commerce businesses.

Buying a business from Pure-Ecommerce.com allows a budding entrepreneur to step into the business of their dreams with minimal start-up costs and low monthly.  And each site is pre-loaded with drop shipped products so there is no inventory to hold! Jennifer’s business model is simple – she uses her experience and expertise to conceptualize each specific business idea, then she designs the website; creates the logos; buys the domain name; and researches and secures all the inventory.  The Pure-Ecommerce team personally mentors clients through all aspects of setting up, running, and then growing an online business. Best of all, it provides them the opportunity to have a flexible schedule and to work when they want, where they want. A Pure-Ecommerce business can be run on a part-time basis while someone is still working or as a full-time business, depending upon the time one puts into growing their business.

At Pure-Ecommerce.com each of our turnkey websites for sale comes with our full 40 hours of consulting and mentoring, so entrepreneurs will have guidance as they launch, manage and grow their business.  Jennifer shares, “We base our consulting process on all of the areas we know is needed to master in order to run a business successfully.  No detail is overlooked.  We use our own knowledge, online experience and incredible success to guide our clients in what to do (and what not to do) when running their own ecommerce business. Many businesses claim to offer ‘consulting’ packages with their turnkey websites for sale, however, none of them come close to matching our own.”

Pure-Ecommerce has been featured in several national magazines and websites such as Entrepreneur, Forbes and WomenEntrepreneur.com as well as on NBC, CBS, and Fox morning television programs.  Pure-Ecommerce has also been selected as one of the top 50 Women-Owned businesses by Start-up Nation and has been chosen as an Honorable Mention recipient for the 2013 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards.

Jennifer’s sincere motto is “Rule Your Life-Own Your Own Business”. Owning an online business allows our clients to work from any location in the world and whatever hours work for their schedule.  An online business allows the freedom that a brick and mortar business could never allow.  Our turn key boutique websites for sale, and our turnkey ecommerce websites for sale, provide this freedom and opportunity.

As Varner underwent the emotionally draining hours of treatment for invasive breast cancer three years ago, she realized just how much her laptop was a lifeline for her.
She was able to stay in touch with friends and family, and keep working as she sat in the chemotherapy room getting treatment. As a way to give back after surviving her own experience, Varner started the nonprofit Kilian’s Kids.

Kilian’s Kids provides sick kids with laptops and other electronic gear to children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses so they can keep in touch with friends or just escape from life in the hospital. By providing a child with a life-threatening illness or their caregivers of with the access to technology and electronic devices like a laptop, IPod, IPad or DSI gaming system it allows them the ability to stay connected to the outside world. They can write, surf the internet, update family members, chat with friends, play games and most importantly, stay in constant contact with the outside world.  It also help ease the stress associated with long hospital stays, chemotherapy treatments, and even long trips to special hospital for treatments.

Jennifer’s company Pure-Ecommerce.com holds auctions of her internet businesses, and use the money from the highest bid to purchase the items. During January 2013, Pure-Ecommerce is auctioning off one of its business-in-a-box solutions, www.instylecooking.com, plus 40 hours of step-by-step consultation and mentoring. Proceeds will go to support Ronald McDonald House of Durham. It will enable Ronald McDonald House to purchase computers with web cams and Skype capabilities so critically-ill children will be able to stay in touch with love ones back home.

In October 2011, she launched the “Survive and Thrive Business Giveaway” in honor of breast cancer awareness month to give a breast cancer survivor the opportunity to win one of Pure-Ecommerce’s business-in-a-box solutions and 40 hours of full consulting and mentoring.  This past October she held the 2nd Annual “Survive and Thrive Business Giveaway” and gave a breast cancer survivor the opportunity to win a turnkey internet business.


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