Protect Your Teeth From Sport Season

Sports are a major part of many people’s daily activities. Whether it be an adult softball league, little league baseball, or high school football, sports are a great way for all ages to get out and exercise, learn teamwork, and how to be leaders. But it is also important to learn about protecting your teeth and keeping them strong while you battle your way to first place each sports season.

Ways to protect your teeth and smile:

  • Wear proper face protection during high contact sports.

Sports like football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling and boxing can require a little bit more protection.

A properly fitting mouth guard is the perfect way to ensure your teeth’s safety. Just like you protect your teammates in a game of football, you need to give your teeth the same type of protection.

Make sure that the mouth guard not only fits over your teeth to protect them, but it protects your gums and cheeks as well.

Clean your mouth guard regularly to prevent plaque from building up. Keeping teeth healthy is another way to protect them, and that means extending your oral hygiene habits to your mouthguard.

Broken or Lost Teeth – How to Treat:

We know that accidents happen. Despite all of our best efforts and intentions to prevent injuries for ourselves and each other, broken or lost teeth still happen.

And, even if you aren’t willing to protect your mouth with either of our tips, it is important to remember that your tooth can still be saved. Under the right conditions, a tooth may be re-implanted or a bonding procedure can help fix a chipped tooth.

  • Locate any lost teeth or teeth fragments and keep them in a safe place. If they are damaged even more, it may completely prevent a re-implantation.

When picking up and handling lost teeth, only touch the tooth by the top part. Leave the root of the tooth untouched.

  • Gently rinse the tooth if necessary.

However, do not rub or scrape the teeth to clean it – and especially don’t use alcohol.

  • Re-insert the tooth if possible

Rinse the mouth with warm water to clear it of any debris.

Then, if possible, reinsert the permanent tooth into the correct socket and hold it in place with a gauze pad by gently biting down.

If the tooth cannot be reinserted, store them in whole milk to prevent them from drying

  • Address any other symptoms or injuries

Use a sterile gauze or cloth for controlling bleeding.For pain and swelling, a cool compress can do wonders.

For pain that isn’t helped with a cool compress, take ibuprofen or acetaminophen

Be sure to bring the tooth or tooth fragments with you

Even if the tooth has been reinserted into the correct socket, see a dentist

It is best to call a dentist for chipped and broken teeth

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