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Poster Frame Depot

Michael Klein, the Co-Founder of Poster Frame Depot – bringing 100% American made poster frames to businesses and homes all over the United States joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Michael Klein discuss the following:

  • What made you get into the manufacture of poster frames?
  • What makes your frames different from other frames commonly found in most chain stores.
  • How can you charge so much less than our local custom frame shop?
  • Why is UV Filtering so important in a poster frame?
  • Why do you not sell glass in your poster frames.
  • In what country are your frames components made in?
  • Can I purchase one frame at a time?
  • For example: We have a large framing project. Can I send you our prints to frame?

Duration: 12:28

Inventing your own product and watching it succeed is a dream for many people. For Michael Klein and his business partner Basile Tzovolos, it has been a dream come true. In 2005, Wholesale Poster Frames was founded – eventually to expand into Poster Frame Depot – bringing 100% American made poster frames to businesses and homes all over the Unites States.

In 2003 the manufacturing of American made aluminum poster frames began in a garage. Together, Michael and Basile strived to create custom frames made of extruded aluminum available to fit any size poster. Their goal was to make a product that was long lasting, durable, and could provide posters protection from damaging UV rays. The company was called Wholesale Poster Frames, and began to grow in leaps and bounds. Each frame profile, backing, and lens cover ordered was originally hand cut using crude and slow technology. Over the years, Michael and Basile continuously searched for ways to improve their manufacturing process as well as their product. As demand for their frames grew, their need for more space and efficient machinery also grew.

In 2009, Wholesale Poster Frames expanded online to offer frames for sale at PosterFrameDepot.Com, puzzle frame and frame matting at All companies were relocated to our 20,000 square foot warehouse in Derby, CT. The three floor building allowed them to grow their company, purchase and house state of the art equipment, and manufacture 1,000’s of made to order Aluminum Poster frames weekly. Each company works to bring their customers the highest quality American made product available at discounted prices.

In 2007, Michael also co-founded On Time Screen Printing and Embroidery. The company relocated to the Derby, CT facility, where they create custom t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other apparel. With each business that Michael has founded or co-founded, he has helped to create jobs and high quality products with the consumer in mind. Each business has flourished since inception and continues to expand while creating good jobs and providing quality custom products.

Poster Frame Depot


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