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Personal Trainers are the number 1 requested Professionals in London, according to StarOfService!

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The platform’s market research report offers some insightful analysis for Professionals in the city and its suburban area.

StarOfService, known as Europe’s leading online services marketplace, has just published its ranking of the top 10 most sought-after services in London. According to the data gathered and statistics from previous years, StarOfService estimates that these services will continue to be in high demand in the next few months. This certainly is great news for the professionals offering those services!

Nowadays, Personal Trainers are no longer considered as an unnecessary expense only available to a minority elite. Today’s leading positioning of these service professionals in StarOfService’s ranking is in fact easily understandable: the general growing concern about health and appearance has substantially increased the market for this type of service.

Today’s health-conscious consumers are demanding more flexible ways of improving their training and health, while trying to escape the confines of a closed, artificially-lit gym during their most precious time: leisure time. Unsurprisingly, the outdoorsy, ‘gym-free’ approach to fitness and training has become an increasingly appealing alternative to the traditional indoor, machine-operated, fitness session.

Adding to this, the rise of wearable tech, apps and devices used to monitor fitness and training progress, has encouraged more people to become proactive and interested in monitoring their daily activity and wellbeing, often by following the instructions and guidelines of a PT, whether real or virtual.

Today’s Personal Trainers can offer fitness training to individuals or to small groups and, when certified, can even provide personalised fitness, dietary and health advice. This is clearly a bonus, since you can receive nutritional and training guidelines from the same source!

Although Personal Trainers in the UK are typically self-employed, getting started outside the gym and finding clients can be tricky. They often start their career in a gym or a fitness studio to have a feel for the market and engage with prospective clients. However, things seem to be flying easy for Personal Trainers registered on StarOfService’s community!

Here are the top 10 services’ ranking of the most requested Professionals in London, according to StarOfService:

1. Personal training.

2. Hair styling.

3. Driving lessons.

4. Dog training.

5. Dog walking.

6. Pet grooming.

7. Plumbing.

8. Window cleaning.

9. Dermatology.

10. Plastering.

Other top-ranking services have a constant request record through the year, even though they are typically boosted by seasonality. According to StarOfService, these services will continue ranking in the top 10 for the next few weeks.

Summer time is indeed the high season for many trades, so these numbers are expected, since we have also seen them in previous years. Driving lessons are so much more pleasant in summer than during rainy or foggy days, right? And our beloved pets also get a little extra tender loving care during this season, with dog walkers taking an extra walk in the park, or pet groomers giving them a fresher look in prevision of hot days. By providing these statistics and market analysis to professionals, we truly want to offer local business owners and service providers an insight into the economic trends of their business niches, so that they can make the most out of each season of the year!”, says Monica Zamfir, StarOfService’s International Director.

StarOfService (, founded in 2013 by Lucas Lambertini, Toni Paignant and Maël Leclair, is an online marketplace connecting clients looking for a specific service to the local professionals providing it. Operating in more than 80 countries worldwide, and receiving over 200,000 requests per month—handled by the 20,000+ professionals registered on the community—the platform offers around 900 different services, from Personal Trainers and Hairdressers to Wedding Photographer, DJs, Plumbers and Architects.

StarOfService helps clients save time and money when searching for the nearest top-notch professional in their area, and the registered professionals to shine online by showcasing their business and services thanks to a very professional profile.

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