Part Time Study Values Work-Life Balance

According to organizational psychologists, maintaining a good work-life balance is paramount to sustaining strong economic and mental health. Those working in the demanding business sector often find it challenging to balance responsibilities and leisure time in order to maintain career aspirations. At the same time, the credentials they could use to put them on the fast track towards a promotion or raise seem unattainable due to the lack of flexibility in their schedule. Of course, there are also personal and domestic matters to attend to throughout the week; what these businesspeople need is a professional development program that will bend to their busy lives.

Those looking to get ahead without falling through on their domestic, professional and social obligations should consider pursuing a flexible, part time MBA. This is one of the most prestigious graduate degrees available, awarding recipients clout and serving as a badge for their expertise. However, most programs take the shape of full-time, two-year study programs that tend to take over a person’s life. Enter the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, offering their esteemed part time programs. One takes place two evenings a week in the innovative, startup city of Waterloo; the other occurs on alternating weekends (with Sundays off guaranteed) in the bustling financial district of Toronto.

Candidates have up to five years to complete a program’s requirements, allowing them to remain at their full-time jobs, earning a salary while they study to help offset tuition costs and support themselves along with their dependants. Some companies will even pay for their employees’ study if they see long-term growth potential. With the part time MBA in Toronto option, classes occur on alternating Friday evenings and Saturdays during the day, ensuring candidates have their Saturday nights and Sundays free those weeks to help balance out their lives. The part time programs further guarantees the months of July and August as vacation time for much needed rest, or for students to concentrate on putting what they learned during the year into practice at their jobs.

Another important aspect of climbing up the ladders of the business world is networking, and because the part-time programs occur in two of Canada’s busiest business centres – students will be able to take advantage of attending events and schmoozing with the top players in their chosen field. Even in class, candidates will enjoy solving problems collaboratively with peers that come in with their own valuable sets of business connections, giving every student the opportunity to expand their own network. In fact, lasting business relationships have emerged from such programs.

Working professionals already paving their path in the business sector need an MBA program designed to suit their needs, one that does not require them to uproot their lives, leave their jobs, or sacrifice personal happiness and work-life balance. Just because a businessperson got ahead of the game early in their careers doesn’t mean pursuing graduate studies now should no longer be in the cards. Not only will it help them meet their own aspirations, but it will make them better at their jobs – benefitting companies and firms across the board. 

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