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PaintCare - Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones, West Coast Program Manager of PaintCare, a non-profit stewardship organization, which runs recycling programs in states as they pass paint stewardship laws joins the Green Business Podcast Show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Jeremy Jones discuss the following:

  • I understand that PaintCare is a non-profit paint stewardship program that was created to offer a convenient way for consumers to properly discard and recycle paint and there are now eight participating states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont. Can you offer our listeners more details about how and when PaintCare originated?
  • Jeremy, as the West Coast Program Manager, what is your role in the organization?
  • So, how do consumers get involved and how do the drop-off sites participate in the program and what happens to the paint once it’s dropped off at a particular location?
  • How does PaintCare cover its costs to operate in each state?
  • Why is it important for people to properly discard their old or unused paint, stain and varnish?
  • What are the future plans and goals of PaintCare?

Jeremy Jones is PaintCare’s West Coast Program Manager, currently overseeing the paint stewardship programs in Oregon and California. Jones joined PaintCare in 2013 as the Minnesota paint stewardship program manager, where he set up more than 100 retail paint drop-off sites before launch in 2014.  Prior to joining PaintCare, Jeremy worked for Hennepin County in Minneapolis, with a focus on environmental programs and legislation to address carbon emissions reduction, product stewardship and recycling.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Gustavus Adolphus College and a Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota.

About PaintCare:
Paint manufacturers created PaintCare, a non-profit stewardship organization, to run recycling programs in states as they pass paint stewardship laws. Through PaintCare, the paint industry sets up drop-off locations for unused paint, arranges for recycling and proper disposal of the paint, and conducts outreach about proper paint management.  PaintCare also operates paint recycling programs in Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Vermont – with the District of Columbia starting in September this year.

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