Online Fraud and e-Commerce: Partners you don’t want in crime


Adam Rogas, Co-Founder and the CEO of NS8, an online fraud detection and remediation company joins Enterprise Radio. Adam has decades of experience in technology and has built several successful startups prior to founding NS8 when he realized just how pervasive online fraud really is.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Adam Rogas discuss the following:

  • Tell us about NS8 and why online fraud is so much more than just credit card fraud.
  • Does online fraud impact every e-Commerce company or just some and why?
  • How you know if you have an online fraud issue and what can you do about it if you do?
  • What is the real impact of online fraud to a company’s bottom-line?
  • Traditionally we hear that online fraud is really just credit card fraud.  From our discussion today we have learned that it is a lot more.  NS8 is a major player in the identification and remediation of online fraud.  Where else do you see NS8 making an impact and how?

Adam Rogas is the CEO and Co-Founder of NS8 Inc., a cyber security company that protects online businesses from fraud and abuse and enables them to provide optimal user experiences for their customers.

Adam is originally from Las Vegas NV; he has founded a number of SaaS companies. He began his online endeavors as a programmer for he was quickly elevated to the CTO position. Upon a successful exit from, He founded an early SaaS provider. Load provided white labeled services ( email / analytics / cms / dns ) for many large web properties in the late 90’s early 2000’s. At one point Load had as many as 8 million mailboxes under management. Most recently Adam Co-Founded Catch5 which developed IP in the Ad Fraud Prevention space.

Adam is highly skilled in complex messaging systems and big data analytics as well as the daily operations and management of SaaS companies.



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