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Online Fashion: MyWardrobe, LLC features designer Le Chic USA

Posted: July 8, 2012 at 1:35 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Keesha Parsons, the Founder and CEO of MyWardrobe, LLC and Joanna Stangreciak, the Founder of Le Chic USA, an online fashion boutique carrying exclusive collections and featured designer of MyWardrobe LLC joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guests  Keesha Parsons & Joanna Stangreciak discuss the following:

  • This question is for Keesha. For listeners just joining us who have not had an opportunity to hear your previous interview, tell us about MyWardrobe, LLC.
  • Joanna, you’re a featured designer on Keesha’s site. Tell us about your brand (Le Chic USA).
  • What inspired you to launch Le Chic USA?
  • What are some advantages of having Le Chic USA featured on MyWardrobe LLC?
  • Keesha, you’re also a fan of Le Chic USA. What impresses you about this brand?
  • What else would you, Joanna, like people to know about Le Chic USA?

Duration: 9:08

Le Chic USA is an online fashion boutique carrying exclusive collections of designer and costume jewelry, in vogue shoes and evening bags, as well as select contemporary attire from featured designer Nathalie Kraynina. Our mission is to provide ultra-chic accessories and clothing at affordable prices that are practical for almost every occasion.

Besides fabulous, upscale fashions, Le Chic USA stands for exceptional customer service. We want to create a company where women can find chic, high-quality styles without the high-quality prices attached. From basic styles of rings starting at under $20 to authentic designer 14k gold diamond jewelry at 20% lower than what they would usually retail for, we want all of our customers to leave our website feeling they’ve made a fabulous yet smart purchase. Customer service is the most important element to us and always will be.

Keesha Parsons is the Founder and CEO of MyWardrobe, LLC,a one-stop destination for personalized fashion advice, online shopping and the latest fashion trends. Keesha has often said that her drive, focus, determination for success, and an insatiable hunger to own her own business are part of her DNA. During her many sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to fuse her insatiable love of style and fashion with her entrepreneurial aspirations, came the idea for

Today, MyWardrobe, LLC is a critical and commercial success, winning praise from a diverse array of consumers and talented fashion designers throughout the world.

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