Online Bingo in the United States

The gambling landscape in the United States is very dynamic, to say the least. Games are always evolving and the laws or regulations that govern them are always changing. As such, even bingo fans must deal with being part of that environment. Laws have not been as kind to it but still, we must acknowledge just how popular the game remains.

Playing bingo online is very convenient and exciting. To begin with, it is perhaps the only real money game that has not changed much despite moving online. The game largely retains its social elements across most of its online variations. That social experience is what makes it such a huge deal among its growing number of online fans.

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For the most part, the biggest issue standing in the way of bingo in the United States is federal and state laws. These make the situation rather complex. In this guide, we are going to break it all down to ensure that you have the best information.

Is Online Bingo Legal in the United States?

Federal laws have always been very unfriendly to online gambling in the US. The activity is largely outlawed by federal laws which makes it rather hard to speak for.  For bingo, it technically falls within the realms of gambling. For that reason, playing online bingo for straight cash games is not legal. Operators offering online bingo are thus either underground sites or illegal. However, sometimes, state laws can take precedence over federal laws.

As we mentioned earlier, the United States gambling landscape is changing rapidly. Some states have legalized online gambling and bingo happens to be among the legalized games. The most notable state in this regard is New Jersey. Online bingo is playable in the state of New Jersey and only within its borders. Hopefully, other states will follow suit and move towards legalizing online bingo gaming. It is a growing segment of online gambling that needs some attention.

Playing Bingo Legally in the US

Missing out on bingo is, of course, not something fun for lovers of the game. While playing bingo online is a fun way of experiencing it, that is not the only way now. Some places around the country have some exceptions that favor the bingo players. In states like Florida, bingo can pass off as a legal activity. This is on the condition that the proceeds of the game go to charitable courses such as fundraisers. These must be hosted by charitable or non-profit organizations too.

Other requirements govern this exception which makes it even less achievable normally. Some states have even sealed these loopholes completely thus rendering the game totally illegal.

The Alternatives

While there are no legal options across most of the United States, online bingo gaming is certainly not non-existent. Bingo lovers can still catch their favorite bingo games thanks to the existence of several amazing offshore online casinos. These sites offer a ton of great online casino games including amazing bingo titles.

Whether you like playing the game on mobile or desktop, there is a site ready to cater to you. Usually, it all comes down to picking a site that is worth your time and money. Avid bingo players will know about all the best titles and how to check for authenticity. Other than that, players just need to look out for a few key things. These include safety features, fairness, bonuses, promotions as well as available payment options.

The best online bingo sites also need to deliver when it comes to great customer support and intuitive designs. Thankfully, most of them check all the right boxes. Your preference is the only thing that could stand in the way of a great online bingo experience.

The Future of Online Bingo

If there is one thing that is impressive about this game, it is its resilience. It has not only managed to survive the test of time but is also fairing quite well in modern times. Like many other gambling games, it has embraced technology and is using that to thrive. That said, as it grows in popularity, we should see lawmakers across the country warm up to it. While there is no specific timeline for this, we can rest assured that some change is coming. Other aspects of the online gambling ecosystem already proved that it is possible.

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