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One Million In the Bank with Michael L. F. Slavin

 Michael L. F. Slavin

Michael L. F. Slavin, President of U.S. Emerald Energy, an oil and gas exploration company and author of the new book “One Million In the Bank” joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Michael L. F. Slavin discuss the following:

  • In the book you share your own personal experience that led you on the path to making your first million.  Can you tell us about that and how it changed you?
  • You state that there are only three things you need to know start your journey toward putting one million in the bank.  What are they?
  • Some people may have the desire to start a business but don’t know what business they should be in or where to start.  What advice can give them?
  • With today’s technology wouldnt it be the best idea to start your first business & build it online?
  • In addition to One Million in the Bank, you’ve also written Veteran’s Guide to One Million in the Bank and Women’s Guide to One Million in the Bank.  Can you explain why you selected these two groups?
  • It might be possible to earn a million but not without some skills and marketing savvy.  What are some of the essentials of each that people need?
  • You say that money is all around and that investors are easy to find.  Where are they?
  • The book contains a chapter on the myths of where money comes from.  What are some of those myths and why do they persist?
  • What are some of the best resources for finding advice on funding, business plans, or anything else that can help people get started?

Entrepreneur-investor Michael L. F. Slavin is president of U.S. Emerald Energy, an oil and gas exploration company. While his current ventures have brought him personal and financial success, that wasn’t always the case.

The seven years prior to founding U.S. Emerald in 1992 were Mike’s “in-between” years: in-between jobs, in-between businesses, in-between homes, in-between broke and just over broke. During this time, he held various positions as a headhunter, an insurance salesman, a self-employed mergers and acquisitions consultant, and the CEO of a title company.

Before going into the private sector, Mike served for ten years in the U.S. Army, first as an infantry officer and then as an aviation officer. He commanded two aviation units, served as an aide to the President of the United States during a state visit, and flew scouting missions over the Korean DMZ.

Today, Mike is passionate about giving back to his community and creating and sharing resources that help entrepreneurs succeed. He serves on the board of the charity Justice for Children and writes and speaks about entrepreneurship to a variety of audiences.

Mike was raised by his grandparents in St. Joseph, Missouri. They taught him about hard work, thrift, sacrifice, and love. He achieved his childhood dream of entering West Point, graduating with an engineering degree in 1975. He later earned a master’s in management from Troy State University.

Mike lives in Houston with Won, his wife of over thirty years.

One Million in the Bank

Website: www.onemillioninthebank.com

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