One Blood: a horror novel by Qwantu Amaru

Qwantu Amaru the bestselling award-winning author of “One Blood” a horror novel about a supernatural curse tormenting a group of people unaware of their hidden connections joins Elite Professionals Magazine Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Qwantu Amaru discuss the following:

  • How did you conceive the idea for the book?
  • How did you develop the characters?
  • What  message are you trying to say with the book?
  • We heard it took you almost 12 years to complete this novel? Why did it take so long?
  • Without giving away the ending, will there be a sequel to One Blood?
  • Any tips for any potentiual author or individual who is considering writing a book or putting in print an aea of expertise or passion of theirs in the market?

Duration: 12:01

In addition to his first novel, the award-winning ONE BLOOD, Qwantu has published five volumes of poetry: Awakening, Lightbringer, Lovelost, After the Storm, and Midnight’s Shadow. Qwantu is an active member of the outstanding socially active poetry collective Black on Black Rhyme out of Tallahassee, FL. He has performed spoken word in poetry venues from New York to Los Angeles. He is also part owner and one third of The Pantheon Collective, an independent publishing venture dedicated to bringing high quality independent books to the masses while empowering and inspiring other authors to follow their dreams.

For more information visit his website, or follow him on twitter @onebloodbook, or join his fanpage:

Qwantu currently resides in Jersey City, NJ.

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