New or Used: Buying a Commercial Truck that Works for Your Line of Business

Whether you are looking to launch a new business in which trucks will be needed, or you are looking to expand an existing trucking business, or getting into truck service, parts and repairs as an extension of the business, you will need to determine if the best route for growing your fleet is to purchase new or used. There are some distinctions between purchasing a used truck versus purchasing a new one, and it will depend on your line of business, and how the trucks will be used, as to whether or not it will be best to purchase new or used.

What the Trucks Will Be Used for Will Have a Significant Impact on the Decision

When determining whether buying new or used is best for you, one of the first things that you will need to consider is how the vehicles will be used. For instance, if the trucks will be required to travel long distances on a regular bases, mileage will be an issue, and it may be necessary to focus on purchasing new trucks. On the other hand, if the trucks will be used for making local deliveries, it is possible that well-maintained used trucks may suffice.

It will also be necessary to consider the size of the loads that these trucks will have to carry on a consistent basis.

One advantage about new truck purchases is the fact that there are no surprises as far as the history of the vehicle is concerned. There are simply some innate benefits to being the original owner.

Identifying the Best Possible Value

One common advantage of purchasing a used vehicle is the fact that used truck purchases normally have a greater initial value, due to the fact that initial depreciation is significantly less than with new vehicles; however, there are certain instances in which dealers or manufacturers may be offering significant rebates on new trucks that may enhance the initial value, making a new truck the most viable option.

For instance, Dodge is offering some awesome rebates on Ram trucks in Canada. When there is a significant rebate on new trucks, it can be immensely appealing to buy new, and there will be few inhibitions in doing so. Rebates can either reduce the gap in value of a used truck, or in some cases, completely eradicate it.

 Fleet Sales Options

Where the benefit of buying used may be most emphasized is in purchasing used vehicles from companies that specialize in fleet sales involving used vehicles. There are a number of companies that specialize in used truck fleet sales, primarily those who operate large truck rental companies. Often, these types of fleet sales companies will offer limited warranties that can help provide peace of mind for the purchaser.

Ultimately, you will have to determine which option will best suit your specific needs, while providing the greatest value. There are two primary considerations, which are total cost versus value and performance capacity. It will be difficult to beat the value in a well-maintained used vehicle, but there are some new car manufacturers that are offering some very nice rebate deals that will come very close.

Heather Newsom has past experience of the auto industry and now works as a part-time business advisor specialising in fleet management. Her articles appear on business sites aimed at the small-medium business owner.

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