Motorway Driving Tips for Newly Qualified Drivers

Taking to the roads for the first time as a newly qualified driver can be an enjoyable experience, however many newly qualified drivers still find driving on busy motorways a challenge.

Motorway driving isn’t typically covered as part of a standard course of tuition.  There are specialist motorway driving lessons available which can be organized upon request and the average price of driving lessons is not expensive. Most motorists choose to tackle motorways for the first time on their own, this can be quite nerve racking.

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Here’s a brief overview of a few tips from the driving lesson pros on how to get to grips with motorway driving as a newly qualified driver:

Don’t Go Alone

You’ll find the whole thing exponentially easier to cope with if you have another person with you in the car at the time. Ideally, someone who has plenty of driving experience and can provide you with advice, it should be someone who’s calm and can provide you with reassurance. Not someone who finds the whole prospect just as terrifying as you do!

Time it Right 

Motorways in different parts of the country get busy at different times of the day. It’s therefore a good idea to consider when your nearest motorway is likely to be at its quietest, making for more pleasant conditions to practice. If possible, avoid motorway driving during rush hour as this may warrant unnecessary pressure.

Practice Makes Perfect

There’s nothing that’ll help build your confidence when driving on motorways quite like practical experience, simply avoiding motorway driving entirely isn’t the way to go, as you’ll inevitably need to hit the highway at some point in the future. Keep reminding yourself that with plenty of practice you’ll eventually build the confidence you need to drive on even the busiest of motorways.

Don’t Let Other Drivers Stress You Out

Unless there’s a restriction of some kind in place, the standard motorway speed limit in the United Kingdom is 70mph. Once you have joined the main flow of the motorway you normally aim to drive at 70mph unless the surrounding conditions make it unsafe to do so. Driving on motorways you’ll inevitably encounter motorists who drive aggressively, follow you too closely and are generally out to spoil your day. They’ll test your patience on a regular basis but allowing them to stress you out will only make things worse.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Mirrors

Having a good idea of what’s happening all around you at any one time is important for safe driving, it’s far more reassuring than having no clue what’s going on to the left, right or rear of your car. Therefore, it can be useful to get into good habits with your mirrors; not forgetting to check the appropriate blind spot on the move before you change lane. 

Give Yourself Time to Exit

You are aiming to leave the motorway from the left lane. Give yourself enough time to move over safely so you don’t end up misjudging the speed and position of the vehicles in the other lanes around you. Getting stuck in the middle lane and leaving yourself little to no time to exit the motorway can be stressful and may cause you to make a rushed decision.

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